Ordering balenciaga bag online.... does it come with the white box or brown cardboard box ?

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  1. Ordering balenciaga bag online.... does it come with the white box or brown cardboard box ?

    Awhile back, I ordered online and I got a brown cardboard box with my GGH bag

    Does it still come with that or the white box that everyone seems to get in the store ?

    Anyone know ?
    I prefer the brown cardboard box because it's sturdier.
  2. anyone ?
  3. My last 2 online orders from balenciaga.com came with nice black magnetic closure boxes with Balenciaga written in white letters. Orders from Neiman Marcus came in brown cardboard box Hope that helps!
  4. Oops forgot to finish. The orders from Neiman came in brown cardboard box and generic dustbag. When I called to ask for a Balenciaga dustbag, they said they don’t receive those anymore.
  5. What?! How does a Balenciaga bag not come with a Balenciaga dust bag?! That seems very odd to me...
    I ordered a Balenciaga bag at another online retail and got the proper dust bag.
  6. i ordered last 2 from Italist, one in October, another in January, both arrived in Italist brown boxes, with proper dustbags and all cards
  7. That's BS!!! .. I just got a Bal bag at the Neimans in Beverly Hills and it sure as heck came with the Balenciaga dust bag!!! Boy, would I ever COMPLAIN like heck if they gave me some other dustbag!
  8. It definitely bothered me but lucky for them I loved the bag so much I didn’t feel like sending it back. I’ve actually been using the bag on weekdays so I haven’t had to store it yet. Hopefully I still feel the same when that comes