Ordering bag by phone

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  1. I am feeling nervous because I order a bag by phone this afternoon.
    This is the first time I give out my credit card details over the phone.
    I made the order by calling 67883888, Louis Vuitton boutique contact which I search online for Louis Vuitton Singapore. Can anyone give me some assurance? Is phone order a normal ? Thanks in advance

  2. I've ordered via phone before; it's totally normal. You should receive an email order confirmation from LV within minutes of ordering.
  3. I made an order over the phone the other day.Received a confirmation email, an email saying it had shipped but no update email with a tracking number. Stuff arrived safe yesterday.
  4. I've ordered through phone as well, you'll be receiving email from the store a copy of your receipt. I was told they can't share the tracking number though they'll let you know when to expect the package... HTH
  5. In the US, if the item is not available online, they will transfer you to a store that has it and then you give your info to the SA and they ship the item. If you have an email on file, you will get a receipt via email. It sounds like their normal procedure....
  6. Wasn't told a day or anything. :confused1:

  7. Usually they'll ship the item in a day or two after checking the inventory and the condition of the bag. Maybe you can call again to ask when you can expect the package? I ordered mine on Monday and received it on Thursday (express shipping) and it came with the original LV receipt.
  8. I have what i ordered, but was promised i would be emailed & sent a txt with tracking info and the day it would arrive.I did panic for a while before my package came!
  9. Nothing to be nervous about, it is very safe I have done it way too many times :smile:
  10. I used to regularly order things over the phone, and I was regularly the victim of credit card fraud. Apparently phone ordering is one of the fastest ways to have your card details abused. Once I stopped ordering by phone, no more nasty surprises.

    I'm sure the OP will be fine, just something to consider in future.
  11. Well considering i have only made one purchase over the phone plus my card is nearly maxed out, i know where the info will of been leaked from.
  12. Already done too .. It is safe .. Relaxe and you Will enjoy your New baby soon
  13. I usually order over the phone and have never had a problem. The SA's are very careful with your info. They don't want any credit card security issues either. I usually receive an emailed receipt but not tracking info.
  14. Plus LV don't keep your card details on file.
  15. If you are concerned, keep an eye on your credit card transactions for a few months.
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