Ordering an RM MA mini - emerald or wine?

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  1. Not sure which to get - I wear business casual clothing to work and am a jeans girl on the weekends - I love that the emerald is so striking but I feel like the wine will go with more stuff. TIA!
  2. I like both colors, but if I had to choose one, it would be the wine : ) Looks more versatile : )
  3. I vote for wine as well...
  4. I think they are both lovely, but it probably depends on what you'll get the most wear out of. I'm partial to the emerald, but then my favorite color is green!:smile:
  5. The wine color is abolutely gorgeous!
  6. I think the wine is a great color!
  7. emerald
  8. I'd go with the wine.
  9. I thought about this one but I've heard that the brown undertones make it hard to wear this one with black. I have more black in my wardrobe than anything else...too many choices! This bag seems to come in almost every color.
  10. Hmm where did you find the Wine MA mini? I had thought it only came out in the regular size?

    I would definitely choose the wine over the emerald!
  11. Active Endeavors has the mini in both elephant and wine. I've got the wine in my checkout bin, all I have to do is hit submit...eek!
  12. id go with the wine, it feels fresher
  13. Ok, I think I'm going to take the plunge and order the wine - but NO MORE BAGS THIS YEAR. NO ONE LET ME BUY ANYTHING ELSE THIS YEAR! :p

    Merry Christmas to me...
  14. I think that wine bag will look great on you if you wear a lot of dark colors. It's just beautiful :tup: