Ordering an Ostrich

  1. If you could order a 30cm ostrich birkin, what would you pick? Color and h/w, I mean.
  2. I will do either:

    Blue Jean (very rare)
    Vert Anis

    Sorry you realise I like bright colours?
  3. I love bright colors for ostrich too, Queenie! Was also thinking of fushcia.
  4. Tammy - how exciting. I'm just learning about exotics but what's the redest red that comes in ostrich... rouge vif or vermillion... something like that would be great :drool: :drool:

    Of course I :heart: Queenie's orange ostrich (or is it tangerine?)
  5. Queenie's tangerine:drool: :drool:
  6. Tangerine with Pall H.
  7. Orange or tangerine is cute too. What about blue roi? Anyone know about it?
  8. Oooh, there is also cobalt. I'm so in love with that colour
  9. I would choose cobalt or blue jean.
  10. blue jean
    vert anis

    i used to think i'd order palladium but these all look amazing with gold hardware, a little prettier to my eye (for me) with gold.

    I'll add cognac with PH. stunning.
  11. What is available on ostrich these days?
  12. I would do fuchsia, tangerine, or chocolate. I've seen an ostrich Birkin in blue jean, and it looks kinda dull, IMO, which is why I wouldn't order it.
  13. Cognac! Have seen it several times and it looks timeless on any Kelly or Birkin. Not 100% sure which hardware I would choose...
  14. ostrich in rouge