Ordered Watercolor Stripe Today!

  1. I called my local Coach store, and my SA told me that the Watercolor stripe isn't part of the new releases coming out on Friday, but it was available to order. I went ahead and ordered the larger tote. She waived the extra overnight shipping charge for me so I could have it by Monday if I promised to bring it in for her to look at, lol. Can't wait until it gets here!
  2. oh yay! I am happy for you! Can you please put some modeling pics, or just a pic of the bag! loL! I don't have the new catalog,so I am dying to see the new things!
  3. that's awesome. please post pics!
  4. :yahoo: can't wait to see it!!
  5. Thats great! I hope we can order this after friday at my store, they couldn't yesterday, but they did try for me. I really want to see/want the oxford cosmetic case!
  6. Oh can't wait to see it!
  7. ooh.......please post pics if you can....looks beautiful
  8. i cannot wait to see this! im so excited for you!!!!!
  9. Ahhh that is SUPER exciting!! Now I just have to have some will power to not order anything until the 25%...I dunno if I will make it though...I really want a scarf....
  10. i want to see this,please post pic's.
  11. LUCKY GIRL!!!! Definitely post pics when it comes - I love the look of the watercolor stripe!