Ordered Two MJ Bags, But can only keep One, HELP!!!

MJ Blake or MJ Stam

  • Marc Jacobs Blake in Fuschia

  • Marc Jacobs Stam in Truffle

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Nov 1, 2007
Omaha, NE
I was so excited this morning to see that The Purse Store had put the MJ Stam in Truffle on sale for $675! I'd been eying it for awhile so without any hesitation, I ordered it.

The only kicker is I also ordered the MJ Blake in Fuschia a few days ago for $695 also from thepursestore.com, and now I have to make a decision. Which one should I keep!

For a little background, I don't have a stam, but I have two other MJ quilted bags (venetia in purple, and a stella in bordeaux), I also have a blake in green and a black elise.


Sep 9, 2006
wow! that's a fantastic price. i'm so sad i missed it. i think you should keep the stam too. the blake is nice, but it's not my favorite style. fuchsia sounds like a gorgeous color, but it's the 'so cool' and not soft calf blake, right? the leather is kind of iffy from that line. congrats on all your recent deals. you should post pics when you get both, so we can tell you for sure which one looks best.
Mar 14, 2008
Orange County
What a deal!! I was trying for that stam as well. i don't own one yet and really loved the truffle color. I think that you should keep the stam and cherish the amazing deal you scored!


Aug 2, 2006
Syracuse , New York
EEK....I love the blake..but wouldn't want it in fuschia..just me...I don't have a stam..but LOVE the color truffle..soooo..I'd get the stam!!! (I know I'm not much help at all lol!!!--sawry!!)


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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
definitely the Stam -- I'm not a big fan of the Blake and I'm sure you can probably find either the same color or a similar one for a little bit less somewhere else (either the dept stores during markdowns or on ebay) -- but the stam is RARELY priced that low brand new. Even on ebay, you'd probably end up paying more than that. The truffle is also a very neutral color that you can carry with anything year round. No question about it, I say keep the Stam