Ordered two little things today!

  1. I love having a big merchandise credit!!! Anyway, Im really only getting a few accessories here and there because I want to save the rest of the $$ for PCE to look at the Heritage totes, and also for when the pleated ergos come out. I got these two items - the peace sign for my chocolate carly, and the sig scarf just because!
    peacesign.jpg sigcscarf.jpg
  2. I have that peace charm and I love it! It's HUGE!
  3. Good! Thanks for the info - I was hoping it would be big! I love my Chocolate Carly, but even though the leather is TDF, its rather plain with the leather/straps the same color brown, so I was hoping for some accessories to punch it up!
  4. I just got that scarf this week and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It is SOOOOO awesome. The colors are not too bright, so it will be perfect for year round. Congrats!
  5. Congrats, LOVE that scarf!
  6. how exciting! please post pics when you get them, i love both of those!
  7. Two great picks! Especially love the scarf.:smile:
  8. I love this scarf. I plan on getting it and the new perfume bottle.

    How much was the scarf and what's the style number?

  9. Style #98339 (from the Look at These...post) and I assume its $38 like the rest of the ponytail scarves. I actually didnt ask.
  10. I love that scarf!

    Mokey: Can you post pictures of the scarf? Would love it see it.
  11. LOVE the scarf!! Congrats!!