Ordered Two Hobos!!!! Gryson & Hogan!!!

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  1. Just wanted to share: I ordered not one, but two hobos from NM during the sale. I can't believe it. But I am thrilled.
    Hogan Tabbed Leather Hobo in Cammello (the one Sarah Jessica was photographed with) and Gryson Joy Hobo in Black.
    Hobos are a great casual bag and a great travel bag. They are my answer to both slouchy and structured all in one bag. Elegant and chic. I'm happy.;)


  2. Congrats! I luv the Hogan bag. The leather looks soooo soft & the color is gorgeous. Do you happen to know what's lined with?

    I also like that Gryson - you'll have to let us know how you like that trigger lock. Whether or not it's easy to get in & out of.

    Those are both nice looking, different bags - very unique. Congrats!
  3. Thank you! I'll let you know when I get them. I looked at the other Grysons, and the amoeba shape of Olivia and Skye was just not my lifestyle. Perhaps if I worked in a city and needed to tote around a lot of stuff. I thought the Hogan would be great for casual everyday, jeans lifestyle. The black Gryson hobo I'll use when I travel to New York. I like the hands free situation when I travel, but also like to be stylish.
  4. TropicalGal! What beautiful bags!! You won't see many of those in Merida! Gorgeous!
  5. Thanks Compass Rose! I am fashionable in a void down here. But it makes me feel like a million. I dress so casually...so the handbags really make me feel special, "dressed" and uber cool. I don't usually buy two handbags at a time...but the years are passing by, and I'm not getting any younger, thinner, prettier...so at least my handbags are ultra.
  6. They are beautiful! Use them well. How is the inside of the Gryson (just because I read she makes the nicest lined bags with great zippers, I love a pretty interior)?
  7. You have to love handbags...they always fit-even when the clothes don't-which is often a dilemma for me! Enjoy your new bags-it must have been in the air as I bought two last weekend as well! Enjoy!:yes:
  8. I never buy two handbags at once. I would much rather spread the pleasure out and let each handbag have its day in the sun. I must admit, this was classic retail therapy. My Mother died less than a year ago, and I bought these bags on the occasion of: I just sold the family home, cleaned it out, etc. So, I needed some life affirmation, some stylishness in the face of death and endings... Oh dear, am I getting too macabre?
  9. Congrats! I love the Hogan, it's gorgeous!
  10. TropicalGal,
    I've been there and can soooo relate. It is emotionally gut wrenching to see the "end of an era" that these things symbolize, and terribly hard to lose your Mom. The very very last thing that I "squared away" after the death of my mother (11 years ago) was her handbag. It literally sat where she last laid it down for years, until we too sold the family home. It is just such a personal symbol of a woman's life (it's all in there if you know what I mean). So I think its kind of symbolic that you chose to make a statement about how life goes on with the purchase of TWO new bags. Good for you! I hope you love them, and yes, per your inquiry on another thread, the Gryson Zoe did not continue in their current or upcoming lines.
  11. Thank you Romeolady for your kind and insightful words. :tender:
    Tell me, why do you think Gryson discontinued the Zoe hobo? Not "Gryson" enough? I mentioned that on my trip to New York (to clean out my Mother's house....) I looked at the Olivia and found it too big. (I didn't learn that I should have taken out the stuffing to really "see" it until after the fact.) This Gryson Zoe seemed the best way for me to start owning Gryson, because it looks really classy, and classic. Since I purchased these two bags, I have decided, no more bags for me for a long time. See my other thread. In keeping with my new philosophy, it was on sale too. The Olivias are too popular to go on sale, I think.

  12. TropicalGal,

    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I know that a handbag can never fill such a void, but I'm glad you're celebrating all the good things that life brings. These are two beautiful examples. :yes:
  13. Thank you JadeJett -- you are a sweetie!
  14. :tup:
    That Hogan is very very nice and versatile.
    And quality is very good in my opinion.
  15. Thanks for your kind thoughts ladies. The curious thing is: I never thought I wanted a hobo! Just never occurred to me. I have too many satchels, and realized I needed some shoulder bags...and these were the ones that I liked. So, it was a surprise for me too!
    You don't think they are too "young" for me...do you? I'm in my 50's.