Ordered today from Barney's BH, should I worry that FedEx might leave it at my door?

  1. Hi, has anyone ordered from Barney's Beverly Hills or another Barney's? Do you know if they require signature confirmation? I'm worried that FedEx might just leave my precious Ink First on my doorstep and someone might grab it. Anyone know what their shipping policy is? Thanks!
  2. They will require a signature if the sender requests one, you can probably call Barneys and get the tracking number then call fedex and ask them not to leave it unless you're at home.
  3. In my experience with Barneys, they always require a signature unless I specifically request otherwise. I miss packages all the time!
  4. FedEx:tdown:,they do leave the packages at the door. I just got my bags from NM today, they just left the package in front of the door without ringing the door bell!!I'm home all day long today.so weird:confused1:. And also, when the package does require a signature, if they missed you twice,they'll give up and just leave the package at the door. I'm not sure if all the FedEx do that. But anyway, if you won't be home at most of time,you can call and go to your local FedEx pick up by yourself! Don't be worried! Good luck!;)
  5. Ask your SA to put signature required. I did asked my SA about that but still either the Fedex guy who messed up of my SA. Anyway, I'm still tracking my package now. Hope that I will get good news tomorrow. Be cautious
  6. Ditto. I had a package from Barney's BH left at my door just yesterday by Fed Ex. Fortunately, I was home.
  7. i ordered from barneys BH before, they wouldnt leave the package at the door and the bag was abt to be sent back to barneys bec they kept missing me!

    i even called their office to request they dont do that, ill just pick it up from wherever they are, but they said if they try to deliver so many times, they just send the box back

    good thing the guy from fed ex was nice enough to come back just before heading back to their office, and caught me! :yes:
  8. It's so crazy! If you want them to leave it, they won't. If you don't want it left, they do.