Ordered the red paddington form NAP!!

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  1. I just ordered the red paddington from NAP!! I'm so confused on the red that I just decided that I would order and see if this color would work for me. I'm confused becasue roz's 06 rouge pics looks like the bag may be a warmer shade of red whereas lebagboutique's has said that the 06 rouge is a true red w/ no orange undertones! Is there 2 2006 shades of red?? Anyways, I'm excited to get it and I hope it is the shade of red I'm looking for:smile:

    If any one has pics of their 06 rouge paddingtons please post:yes:
  2. Congrats!! I'm so tempted on ordering one from NAP also. They don't have them on the NAP US site, so I guess I'll have to order it from the international site. It looks TDF!! Can't wait to see pics when you receive it.
  3. I have the '06 red and love the color. I will try and take pics and post. You will not be disappointed.
  4. Agreed! The red is really gorgeous IRL.

    Honestly, having seen both (and worn the grenat), I like the rouge better. But more because it's a "cleaner" red.

    Let us know as soon as she arrives!!
  5. Wow! It's a beautiful bag, congratulations!
  6. Wow, congrats..!! It's really beautiful, fresh pure red colour (I've seen it one IRL) - I'm pretty sure you'll love it! :heart:
    Please post piccies when she arrives:girlsigh:
  7. oooooh great choice.

    I think you will adore it when it arrives. Be sure to take loads of piccies for us, you lucky thing ;)
  8. I cancelled the order this morning, while I do agree that red is a gorgeous color I just don't think I'll use it enough:sad: I for sure do not need anymore un-used closet residents:smile:
  9. ^ Aww i'm sorry to hear that!:sad:

    Could you not have waited for it to arrive and then decided...?:s

    I don't think i would have been able to hold my excitement at seeing the colour IRL..:yahoo:

    Still, i'm sure there's another colour out there just for you...there's plenty to choose from.:yes: :love:
  10. I've seen the red at my local Nordys and it's beautiful a true beauty queen red - very vivid. I had a difficult time deciding between that and the jade. I'm sure you're going to be fantastically happy with it.
  11. Awesome purchase :biggrin: congrats :smile:
    I adore red!
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