Ordered Pond Satchel - HAVE Extra PCE card!!!

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  1. Anyone want my PCE card? I am in San Antonio, TX. I ordered my Pond Legacy Satchel today. I don't need it...I feel guilty!!! I don't want my friends to know because I recently changed jobs and have been in a financial slump due to recovering after a divorce and they would have no sympathy if they knew!! Thank goodness for good credit cards with high limits and low rates!!
  2. That's very kind of you to offer it! I'm sure someone will grab it--there's too many beautiful bags out right now!
  3. Very generous! I'd love it - but I'm in CA.

    My dear, after a divorce, you need to treat yourself - and what a better way to do this than with a new bag? true friends would understand the indulgence (even when not warranted!)
  4. i'd want it, but pce is almost over! :sad: in in va....
  5. Woohoo!!! I'm glad you got some pond!!! You're going to LOVE it!
  6. I'm just laughing cause I'm in the same situation! Recently divorced, single mom, no child support. But I keep getting those bags! I've actually lied to co-workers when they ask "is that a new bag?" I say no, I just haven't used it in a long time:p.
    Right before I filed for divorce I bought my whiskey satchel. I knew it would be a long time before I could spend money like that again!
  7. Thanks, Ktdid, good to know someone else out there is in my position. I work for a mortgage broker so I don't get paid unless our loans close. Lately there are too many people with bad credit and deals have fallen through left and right. I had bought several of my bags when I was counting on commission checks and had to return many of my bags. It's really the only thing I spend money on - other than that, I don't even spend $1 for coffee at McDonald's, let alone $3 for a Starbuck's.
  8. dang if it wasnt over i would want it for my ergo medium hobo !
Thread Status:
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