Ordered Paddy from LVR

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  1. Ok, those of you who've read some of my posts lately may remember that I was drooling over the regular Paddy in choco. Well, after perhaps a week of deliberating/trying to convince myself I didn't need another Paddy, I finally caved and ordered the choco from LVR:biggrin: !

    I think I may have got the last one too as after I checked out I refreshed the Paddy page and the choc is no longer offered - only the tan left in the "classic colours".

    A bit of a different experience tho with ordering fr LVR. The confirmation page (virtual receipt) and their email did not actually say what item I purchased, only that it was for a certain amt and some code #s. Is that how it's meant to be? Also, my CC was debited pretty much straight away. Does that mean, my bag will ship shortly?

    Couple more qns.. I ordered it on Saturday midnite (Rome time) so I'm guessing my order won't be processed until Monday, eventho the Merchant bank has processed my CC acount? Does LVR even open on weekends??
  2. This is exactly how my order went through. They never did send me a confirmation of what I ordered...just the payment page as you describe. I know that Italy is seven hours ahead of Central Standard Time, so it was probably Saturday morning when your order was received. It should ship out no later than Monday (I ordered Thursday their time and it shipped Friday) and you should have it about four days after that. FedEx will contact you the day before it arrives to fax you a paper to fill out and fax back, and your bag will come the next morning. My bag left on Friday (which I did not know until FedEx called me) and arrived on Tuesday of this week. Enjoy!:nuts:
  3. Hi SerenitySue! I KNEW you would lol! Congratulations on the sweet surrender... you're going to love it...and you got the last one meaning it was waiting for YOU lol!.. I know LVR office is closed on weekends so your bag should ship Monday. Yay!
  4. How exciting! You will love the color when you get it. I have the same paddy from LVR & I love it!:love: Can't wait to see pics!!!:smile:
  5. hey serentiysue.. whats LVR? can you send me the link please.. thank you!!!! :love: :worried:

  6. LVR is LuisaViaRoma.com. They sell Chloe bags. You can access the Paddington from the main page, or go under women's accessories and then select Chloe to see all the bags.
  7. ETenebris, thanks for the lowdown on how LVR operates:biggrin: . Y'know I swear, after I checked out and got that payment page, etc. I got paranoid maybe I clicked the wrong colour or wrong bag, lol, as they don't confirm what you actually purchased. But I'm pretty sure it was the choc paddy - not gonna let my overactive imagination get the better of me:P .

    Tod, I had no resistence left, hehe:lol: . You knew it was just a matter of time, right?? It's partly your fault as you were so encouraging. So THANKYOU!!! Lol! Ooh, hope they will ship out Mon and hope also it comes perfect with lock, key and trimmings.

    Chloe2006, the link to the paddies is:

    Thanks everyone:amuse: . Will keep you all updated!
  8. My big pocket got here and it was perfect...and I know Daisy's bag was perfect, too...can't wait to see your new bag!
  9. thanks serenitysue.. if you dont mind.. would you mind letting me know how much tax you paid etc? just an approx. cost of how much extra it cost you from the original price.. all converted etc.. i too am from oz.. and im sure you would agree that chloe's are so difficult to find down here.. so if i hear that you have had a positive experience from ordering overseas then I think I will order a chloe from LVR as well.. thanx heaps!!
  10. chloe2006: I haven't paid any taxes on it yet:smile: I'll have to wait till they ship it and from what I've read and been told, once it's passed thru customs, Fedex will contact me and ask for some info. They then will ship the bag to my bag to my door, either together with an invoice for the duty or they will send the invoice at a later date. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes, what the whole process was with Fedex and all, and the amount tax they invoice me. Will give u a breakdown of the costs.

    From talking to other Aussies who've bought from either NAP or LVR before, the duty will vary, depending on the value of the item, but for a regular Paddy, it's gonna be around AU$350-$440. I think they charge the 10% GST, then there's a luxury tax on top as well which for leather goods is around 17%, I think. The reason for the range I gave above is due to some customs officers not remembering to charge 17% for the fact that it's leather goods and charging only like 12% luxury tax on top of the 10% GST.

    Are you in Syd? Coz I know DJs there still have some Paddies, in diff colours and styles but very expensive! Which Paddy/colour were u thinking of getting?
  11. thanx SerenitySue for all the info!! its much appreciated.. thanks for giving me an idea abt the taxes.. i didnt even know about the luxury tax they add on.. but i assumed the GST would be added instantly..

    anyway ive seen the collection they have in DJ's but as expected they dont have much of a wide range.. and yes it is expensive but i think it works out to be of similar cost if i order it from LVR cos of all the taxes they slap on.. in robby ingham their range is even smaller!! i think my next purchase will be the paddy tote in black or ivory.. but i might wait out for as long as i can resist and see if chloe releases a medium sized tote.. i hope you get your paddy from LVR soon!! im so excited for you! :love: :love: thanx again for all the info!! and pls let me know if you had a postive or negative experience from ordering from LVR!
  12. Chloe2006, no worries:smile:) Glad I could help.

    Cactus Jam in QV Melbourne also stocks Chloe's as do Miss Louise (Melb definitely, and prolly Syd) and Elle in Perth. Cactus Jam prices are great, considering what the others are selling for, and it may be worth your while to give them a call just to see what styles and colours they have. They take pre-orders too, unless that is full. Their # is (03) 9654 1087. My SA is Alex but any of the others are very nice too, unlike at Miss Louise or Elle - a bit snobby. Or u could always try DJs in Melb (they had some Chloes left, I called on Fri and Sat, heh).

    Actually, buying from LVR is a lot cheaper than DJs or Miss Louise. Here is the lowdown on local prices for the regular Paddy (AU$):-

    Cactus Jam: $2199 (great pricing, IMO, and I would def buy from them 1st if they had what I wanted).

    Miss Louise (Melb): $2595

    David Jones: reg paddy $2695. Baby paddies (they have a lot left) are $2150.

    Ok, with LVR, it may work out to be around the $2000 mark for me (inclusive of shipping, taxes, CC foreign conversion fee) but I'll keep u informed on this. I mean, so far, my CC has been debited 937Euros (~AU$1572) and that's inclusive of shipping. Say, I get taxed AU$400, that brings it up to $1972, and then chuck in the CC foreign conversion fee of say AU$30 or thereabouts, comes to just over $2000.
  13. thanks serenitysue.. yeh ur right.. i think ordering from LVR is cheaper.. i read a previous thread from jimmyc.. jimmyc ordered from NAP and didnt take that long to ship to Aust.. so think its pretty safe.. fingers crossed.. i bought my first paddy from dj's cos i thought its all legit since its from a department store and all.. but i never thought once about ordering it online.. never knew it would work out a bit cheaper too.. but now i know thanks to you and this forum.. so think ill be ordering from LVR next time.. they have a wider range of paddys to choose from.. yay!! thanks so much for the advice.. mwah!
  14. My pleasure:smile:

    The only thing that gets me with ordering online from overseas is not seeing what u're buying and then what if it's a flawed one? The hassle and stress of emailing back n forth, etc, and expense of having to ship all the way back.. waiting for an exchange (and that's if they have another one to swap u with)! Was it jimmyc who had hers come without lock and key? I'd be mortified! Luckily NAP has good customer service. From what I've read of LVR, lately their correspondence suck - takes forever for them to reply email. So fingers crossed they'll send me a perfect Paddy with everything in tact!
  15. hello again.. yeh it was jimmyc who received the paddy without the lock.. poor thing!! but at least she got to return it and arrived back at NAP..
    anyway.. dont you think there has been a big influx of girls in oz walking around with their fake paddys??