Ordered online....PANIC!!!!

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  1. I just realized that the SLG in the MC line is being discontinued, and went online and ordered a key cles.....I got all my confirmation emails etc. ...... BUT I Went right back after I completed my purchase and checked on the item (basically drooling over the pic) and realized it now showed out of stock online...... SO did I get the last one online or is there a chance they do not have one :cool:

    Any toughts or experience on this!!!
  2. Same thing happened to me on the cosmetic pouch, I think we got the last of the stock.
  3. Have you received yours yet?
  4. I ordered it this evening. I'm sure they have a few more than they have available on the site just as a precaution anyway.
  5. My guess is you go it! Congrats!

    A couple of weeks ago, a Mono trunks and Locks mini pochette popped in online, and I quickly bought it. Right after, the item was out of stock online. I worried that I really didn't get it, but I kept checking, and in a couple of days, it was shipped! I received it, and it looks great. With my limited experience with last-one-in-stock-online items, I bet you got it.

    Good luck, and please keep us posted!
  6. No I've had a few orders that after I bought they were out of stock after. A week later it was the stock was replenished.
  7. I was going to order the MC Cles this evening and got side tracked. When I got back to it they were all gone! :crybaby:
  8. I ordered the MC cles yesterday online and the lady said they had plenty in stock now. You may want to call the 1-800 number. I would not wait long, the SA on the phone stated once stock is gone the MC will be discontinued. I am in the US. HTH.
  9. Was it the white or black cles that you ordered?
  10. Black
  11. Interesting. I wonder if they just show as "sold out online" when stock gets below a certain amount.
  12. The exact same thing happened to me with a DA pochette nm. It was shipped out the next day. I think you probably just got the last one in stock.
  13. They're back in stock today. I went to order one last night and they weren't available, so I checked this morning and they were back and I was able to order one.
  14. That's funny! I saw that whole process. I actually woke my husband up and told him "I can't believe this is back in stock". I added it to my cart, felt guilty and closed the laptop. It was gone the next day.
  15. Yep, pretty much everything that showed OOS yesterday is available now.