ORDERED NEW Tods Shoe..mu...ha...ha...ha...

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  1. [​IMG]I just ordered these on sale at NM! YEAH! LOVE these Tods,anyone have them???:biggrin:
  2. Love Them!
  3. they look cute and comfy i love tod's shoes i have the ballet flats in red they are great
  4. They look so comfortable! Congrats!
  5. I love anything Tod's. They look fabulous!
  6. They look cool & comfy - Tods have some great styles!
  7. Those looks ridiculously comfy!!!! Let us know how they turn out. I am such a huge fan of Tod's shoes
  8. Great choice! I only have the handbags (my avatar is one). I like how the soles are made so you won't slip on any surfaces. Enjoy.
  9. cute and comfy looking
  10. tod's shoes are the most comfortable ever!!!
    love them!:nuts:
  11. Very cute!! I have a couple of their older sandals and they are very comfy - enjoy! I wear quite a few of their loafers also...and short boots...
  12. What are they a size 8 1/2? Love them! Remember, we are the same size.
  13. OOH! THYE CAME TODAY!! SOOOOO CUTE! will post pics in a few..when the coast is clear..eh..hem...LOL!
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