Ordered new stuff today!!

  1. I just ordered the heart padlock keyfob - 92118 (girls...hurry on this one. According to my SA, there are only 4 currently located in all of the boutiques in the country, and only about 200 total in inventory at the distribution center)


    I found a Legacy Stripe Framed Large Beauty Case in the red look book (40647). There are only about 150 of these babies out there, so of course I jumped on it. $148. Looks like the older legacy stripe beauty cases, but it's framed! :yes:

    Both discounted w/ PCE!

    Now a question - I'm having my stuff shipped to the boutique and they gave me free overnight (by 1pm next day) shipping. Does that mean the stuff will be here tomorrow, or since it's Friday will it be here Monday? Confusing...:confused1:
  2. Oh crap... I wanted that cute little heart...

    Do you think it would be silly if I just ordered that from my SA and had it shipped to my house? (I am 3 hrs away from a store)

    Congrats on your new goodies :graucho:
  3. Ohhh... I want a beauty case!! But - what do you mean - it's "framed"?? I"m trying to picture it! Did it have the gold trim or the leather?

  4. That keyfob IS cute, I was eyeing it up online but chose to go with the Tortoise I've been lusting after for so long.

    It always seems that I order stuff on fridays and have to wait the whole weekend for them to arrive. Hope you get your stuff before then so you're not chewing your fingers off waiting!

  5. Nope, I did that before and I'm only 45 minutes away :0)
  6. Oh no you dont go getting that without me:graucho:
  7. I ordered the keyfob too as soon as Coach.com updated! It's shipped already so I should have it one day next week! Congrats on your new purchases! The beauty case sounds gorgeous! I'll have to continue to be good though! LOL! I look forward to pics of it though!
  8. Congrats on your new stuff- I have a feeling it means Monday
  9. :confused1:I would love to see that beauty case

  10. Want me to order two? ;)
  11. :lol:

    Ok, ok-- Maybe I will!
  12. By framed I think she mean's it like the fragrance beauty case, with the clasp on top rather than a zipper
  13. Looks like you might be getting it Monday, hon.

    But hey, maybe you might get it earlier,
    that might be a nice surprise. "]
  14. THANKS!! Sounds adorable!!