Ordered my "pop" color, but wait until you hear the time frame for delivery!

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  1. So, with the extra bday money I totally did not expect, I decided to treat myself to a "pop" color and went with the grape in a first! I called BalNY and spoke to Daphne (who really is a doll!) and rather than just be put on the waitlist, went ahead and did a charge and send authorization. I asked approximately when they were expecting the shipment to come in (and said I knew it was a f/w collection color, so I know it will be a while), and Daphne said that the window is anywhere from Mid Jul through the second week of Oct. :wtf:!!! She did say that they were hoping for something in August or Sept.

    In a way I'm glad - I just got my anthracity, and was truly expecting that to be my only bbag, so since I can actually get another one (and then that's REALLY it), it's kind of nice that it won't be here for quite some time. Of course, the anticipation will be killing me!

    Anyway, just wanted to pass on the latest to you all. If I'm giving info you all already knew, sorry! Newbie mistake! However, I am excited ot share the news about the grape first!
  2. :yahoo:Congrats on purchasing the grape first!!!:yahoo: I hope it comes in early!!! I'm waiting for a grape courier too and I just can't wait!!! Your bag will be worth the wait!!!!:heart:
  3. Congrats!! Its going to be a gorgeous bag - totally worth the wait!! :yes:
  4. Congrats - I bet it'll be gorgeous! I hope you get it sooner rather than later too.
  5. a lot of us are right there with you! don't worry, it'll show up before you know it - time flies, right?
  6. Thanks everyone! I'm actually kind of glad it will take so long- as you all have said, a big part of bbags is the excitement and anticipation of getting what you've been hunting. Not to mention that in the meantime, I have plenty of time to show off and use my anthracity!

    I can't wait to see pics of everyone's goregous f/w bags!
  7. what can i say... it'd be worth the wait...!!:nuts:

    and make sure u post pics when it DOES get here...!!! even if it's ages from now... i won't forget...!! i'm like a freggin' elephant when it comes to these things! :P
  8. :yahoo:C O N G R A T S... Waiting is tough, but at least we are all waiting together... :yes: I'm loving my grape/violet city already though my SA told me I would have to wait until august-.. :love:

    But, I just bought a rouge theatre coin purse, to take the edge of..:yahoo:
  9. Wow I would be dying in the meantime! I am so inpatient. Congrats.
  10. :heart:
    Congratulations! Great choice for a "pop" bag!
    I am very happy for you, but I have a question for those of us on the waiting lists. What does this mean? Do those of us who have been on the list for a long time still get the bags first when they come in? I am on the list for a Grape First and City, and a Marigold Make Up Clutch, and I absolutely want all three bags. I even have a large credit I can use immediately for them. Should I have them process the charge as they did for willowsmom so I can make sure I get them? Truly not meaning to put a damper on your purchase, I am just wondering what it means for people who have been on the list since the first week.
  11. Wow, that is fantastic! I'm glad you got on the list. I personally don't mind about the wait. It will be worth it!
  12. The grape is gorgeous - I am sure it will be here before you know it!:smile:
  13. I can't wait to see everyone's fall bBags either!!!!! I am saving money now.. kinda.. for my fall bags!!! man.. i am going to be dead broke...!!:sweatdrop:
  14. Deana - being a newbie, I'm definitely not the best person to try to answer this, but when I spoke to Daphne, I asked her if it was too late to be put on the waitlist for the first and she said, "it's never too late" and then said there were 2 ways to do it - just go on the list, or go on the the list w/the "charge and send" instructions. She said if you're on the list, you get a call when the bags come in and then have 24 hours to respond to them to let them know if you want the bag or not. It seemed like the only difference was if you're on the waitlist, you have to confirm that you want the bag, whereas if you do the charge and send, they automatically send the bag out to you when it comes in and call you to let you know it's on the way. She certainly didn't make it sound like there wouldn't be enough for everyone on the list.

    I only decided to go ahead and do the charge and send b/c 1. my work sometimes gets nuts and I often don't get home until late, so I sometimes forget to return calls (that and dh doesn't always tell me someone called) and 2. I'm pregnant and due Nov. 1 and I figured if the shipment actually didn't come in until mid Oct. and I went into labor early, I might miss my window to respond (I'm paranoid like that).

    orinoco - LOL! I promise I'll remember to post pics!
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