Ordered my new pleated wristlet today

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  1. I went to my store to see if they had a picture of this and ordered it. It looks really cute - pleated like the bag with a strap on the side. It was a really small picture though so I couldnt see the top well - I was wondering if it would have a kisslock closure, but I couldnt tell and the SA didnt know much about it. Its actually going to come in handy, as I have an annual dinner for my husbands company coming up at Chelsea Piers in NYC in May, and I'm sure I'll wind up getting a little black cocktail dress to wear, so that can be my clutch! I'll post pictures when it arrives. Its available to order now and is #41507, $98.00.
  2. Ohh sounds REALLY cute!! Can't wait to see pics, excited to see what it finally looks like.
  3. oooo super cute donnalynn! your lucky that you got a leather bag because the accessories won't ever be made in the patent for these satchels.... you'll have to post pics!!
  4. The pic I saw had a zip top, which is still SOOOOO cute! I LOVE the pleated wristlet. Congrats and I can't wait to see pics!
  5. OK - I couldnt see anything sticking up so thats what I assumed. Very cute, but I probably would have put a kisslock closure on it if I were them!!

    Oh and the SA did say its a capacity wristlet, so I guess that means it a pretty good sized one.
  6. Yeh! I ordered mine on friday in natural to match my framed satchel .My Sa said it had a zipper also! and it is good size like about 8 inches in length.
  7. I LOVE the capacity wristlets, they are my absolute favorite! I can not wait to see real life pics of y'alls!
  8. Sounds really cute, can't wait to see your pics!

    I like that it's 'Capacity', too!
  9. Sounds adorable, cant wait to see it!
  10. i would love to order one too but would like to see pics first. can't wait til you get yours! it would've been cute if it also had a kisslock closure so it can be used as a cute clutch. JAX told me its 8 x 5 so it would be a pretty good sized capacity wristlet.
  11. I can't wait to see it either! I might just have to order one of those! It's more in my price range at the moment than the pleated satchel.
  12. I can't wait to see your pics! Hope it is as cute as the satchel.
  13. I can't wait to see your pics when you get it! I've been looking for a capacity wristlet and this one sounds perfect!
  14. congrats! cant wait to see pics of it.
  15. I cannot wait to see it either, the bag its beautiful and I am dying to see how the wristlet looks like.