Ordered my new perfect digital camera

  1. I need a new digital camera for eBay selling and authenticating bags..

    I wanted a new Kodak Easy Share so I can print on a dock when desired.
    Pocket, small size so I can take with me..
    Good zoom..
    Flower Mode.. ;) (For serial numbers, etc.)

    And I wanted a case.

    So I got the brand new Kodak Pocket Cam ... in PINK!

    With a pink purse case!

    You can see flower mode ^^ plus the real name was listed.
    This reminds me of Luella meets Coach:heart::heart:

    Now I can get my Fendi authenticated, make my money back by selling better, and maybe even ask people out/about if they want to be featured as best-dressed on my blog?? And maybe take it to concerts. I didn't have it for today's free one. :s No bag checking.

    I can't BELIEVE it's pink!! Happy V-day to me!

    See I can be on a purse ban and spend. ;) But this is a good, worthwhile purchase.
    kodak_digicam_pink.jpg kodak_digicam_back.jpg pink-camera-case.jpg
  2. Congrats!! Beautiful case!!:yes:
  3. i love pink cameras. congrats!
  4. Congrats!!
    I have an older Kodak that I like..but you're really tempting me by showing that pink one lol. :love:
  5. It looks sweet.
  6. My Fav. color...congrats!!
  7. so cute!!!I bought my daughter one of these too!
  8. Let us know how it works..I am in need of a small digi cam that I can carry in my bag...TIA
  9. I sure will! Got free overnight! It will be here Monday!
  10. Hi - I am in the market for a digital camera. Can I ask for advice - for close ups on eBay how much zoom do you need in a camera? I mean, to get a really good close up of details? Thanks. If any one can help, I appreciate it.
  11. My current camera can get close enough, I think if you want details you need that macro/flower mode more than zoom. Actual optical zoom is better than digital zoom, too - that's when the piece moves forward. I think - right??
  12. Congratulations.
  13. Can i ask where you ordered it from I really want one LOL

  14. Kodak.com, there's free overnight shipping, I believe, for V-day.

    It hasn't come yet, girls!