Ordered my Grey 06 Men's Weekender for BALNY! :)

  1. it should be arriving next week!

    i picked grey cause i have an emerald green and Ink weekender ...im guessing it should be a good addition to my collection?

    :smile: can't wait! i'm so excited.. :wlae:
  2. Congrats - sounds like a good choice! Can you post a pic? Surely they sent you one to help you decide? Don't just leave us hanging here! ;)
  3. OMG, if you got the Spring Summer 2006 Gray I will be sooooo mad since I asked Terri to check for me if they have any.

    Ooooh I have a phone call to make tomorrow.:cursing: Hopefully they have more.

    But congrats to you! Lol!:rolleyes: :yahoo:
  4. :smile: yeh, thanks! i can't really can't wait!

    ^ call them tomorrow...i don't think it's the last one?

    but yeh..i'll post pics of all my 3 weekenders when it arrives.... hope i can still find this thread tho....since it'll arrive next week...

    how do i post pics? lol
  5. :yahoo: Congratulations:yahoo:

    Can't wait to see pics! Enjoy!
  6. CONGRATS! I'd love to have a weekender with longer handles! I can't wait to see pics!
  7. If you click on the 'quote' button your screen will bring you to one where there is a fuchsia button called 'Manage Attachments'. Click on that and attach your pic. Obvious, isn't it, that I WANT to see that grey weekender, myself! :nuts:
  8. Congrats!!! Sounds fantastic! cant wait to see pics....
  9. Please post pics soon!
  10. yea, i wanna see the pics too!
  11. i have been working the past today and yesterday so I got a call today from the post office saying they have alraedy attempted to deliver my parcel two times. So I have to pick it up when I am off. When I get off work, it's already too late cause the post office is closed.

    I really want my BAG!!!!!!!!!! ah!!!!

    ok...ill calm down now....

    i hope the leather on it isn't veiny?
  12. aaarrghhh i'm sooo excited!

    please post pics soon! can u grab the bag at lunch time ;)
  13. wow....can't wait to see your new bag....post pics for us to drool....:dothewave:
  14. :greengrin: I heard men's WE bag comes in pewter hardware right? would like to see the real pics....:greengrin:

  15. yes, celia... i've seen the men's WE my self, u can also feel the difference in the handle.
    now i just need to justified my self, do i really need this or not LOL