Ordered my first Chanel...

  1. ...the large Cambon tote, black with the black patent CC's. Unfortunately I missed out on the sales earlier in the week, though. I just hope my beloved LV Batignolles Horizontal doesn't get jealous:shame: !
  2. Oh, I love the patent logos! Congratulations on your new purchase! Make sure to post pictures when you receive it!!
  3. Congrats!! Please post pix when it arrives!
  4. Congrats! make sure to post pictures!
  5. Congrats, Tammy! I love the black/patent leather combination. Post pictures :graucho:
  6. Congrats! I just got the same one a couple of weeks ago! LOVE IT!!!!

    Don't worry, the pink and the beige ones were the only ones on sale!

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