Ordered my Birthday Gifts!!

  1. I'm so excited!:yahoo:
    i have a couple of items on their way next week. I am waiting for the Neverfull MM and
    a sweet flowers Bandeau. i had the choice of getting the
    beverly or the neverfull and a MC french purse so i chose
    the neverfull and I WL for the new French Purse.

    Will post pics as soon as they arrive:graucho:
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and hope you get your package soon. Modelling pics when they arrive :tup:
  3. congrats, great items. can't wait to see pics.
  4. Happy Birthday! Great choices :tup: Please post pics when you get them.
  5. Happy Birthday! :smile:
  6. sounds like it will be a great birthday!
  7. happy birthday!
    sounds amazing :smile:
  8. Happy Happy Birthday -- congrats on the new LV's!:tup:
  9. Happy Birthday! Can't wait to see pics!
  10. happy birthday!
    and congrats!!
  11. Happy Birthday.
  12. congrats and happy birthday!
    can't wait to see some pics
  13. Happy birthday and congrats!! Can't wait to see the pix!!
  14. :balloon:Happy Bday!! Lovely bday presents! I WL the sweet flower bandeau in red/brown!! The bandeaus will be in my store anytime next week!:yahoo:Can't wait to get mine.:love:
  15. Happy Birthday!! LOVE LV presents!!!