Ordered my 1st Spy today! A few questions...

  1. I put in a phone-order to my local Saks about an hour ago for my very first Spy Bag! I'm real excited...I've wanted it forever and decided to ditch some LV bags for it and only get the new 07 accessories/small goods for LV. The role of new bag went to Fendi! I got the dark brown color. I think she said Espresso or Chocolate? She mentioned both names but said it was the deep brown one, so I'm guessing it's the same bag but she used a different name at one point :confused1:

    Does anyone have these colors of "the dark, deep brown one", lol ??? If so, can you maybe post a picture?

    She also told me they had a Cognac color and that it was like a brown-reddish hue. I know I'd like the deep brown more so I bought that, but if anyone has a pic of the Cognac one on hand also, may you also post it?

    That way, if I like that color too, I'll call her back to get that one also too.

    Thanks in advance for any help/references you can give me on these 2. :love:
  2. For a pictorial guide of Spy bags, refer to:
    Fendi Spy Bag List

    The pic of the cognac should be near the bottom of the page, in the permanent colors section.
  3. :smile:
    eBay: 100% Authentic Fendi Spy Nappa Leather in Expresso (item 280064193793 end time Jan-05-07 21:58:48 PST)

    That is the Expresso color. Wish you bought it from me instead :smile:
  4. Awesome, Thank you so much Greendrv. The "Chocolate" as I now know it is, is beautiful!!!! I'm so glad I got that, I don't like the Cognac much. However, Bone (if they have it), Honey & Black looks nice, hehe. That very 1st Green one is to die for :drool: but they probably don't offer that anymore I'm guessing.

    Thanks again! ^^
  5. BTBF - That Espresso looks beautiful too, seems darker than the Chocolate. So, Im guessing they are 2 different colors, not the same bag being called by 2 different names?

    Either one is gorgeous, so whichever is the one I got (if they are diff.) I'll be happy with it. Thanks for the info and Good luck on your bag, hope it goes to a good home! ^^
  6. I think they are two different colors. The Expresso is a bit darker than the Tobacco one.

  7. Congrats on ur 1st Spy :yahoo: cant wait to see pics
  8. Here's a chocolate/espresso/dark brown/:confused1: spy that was auctioned on eBay a while ago...
    eBay: AUTHENTIC FENDI NAPPA LEATHER SPY BAG 8BR511 $2075 (item 170051968423 end time Nov-26-06 16:58:53 PST)

    This one's seen better days. It's blushing. But, I think it adds character...:shame:
    eBay: AUTHENTIC FENDI NAPPA LEATHER SPY BAG 8BR511 $2075 (item 170057320887 end time Dec-10-06 17:44:30 PST)

    There's a nice pic of LV_addict with a couple of her spys, one of which is the cognac. Ya just hafta scroll down a little. Here's the link...

    Here's a pic of qtiekiki with her cognac spy...http://forum.purseblog.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=102946&d=1165977204
  9. Gayle, both(espresso/choco) are the same color,usually called choco brown/dark brown. For some reason Fendi starts making them a little darker than the first-season ones. However, cognac is a totally different color. If you need to see pictures of them you can check out my collection(just click the link under my signature, written in pink)...you can see how different the cognac and choco are. Hope this helps! :yes:
  10. Thanks to everyone for attaching links for me to see the color comparisons and all the info!!!!

    katgrrrl - you mentioned about the nappa leathers doing that blushing thing...is there anything i can spray on the leather when i get it to prevent that blushing? or will it happen regardless of anything, sprayed or not?

    Sorry for all the questions, im not that fendi, or leather smart for that matter lol.
  11. Congrats, It's a beautiful color! hope you'll post some pic's ;):yahoo:

  12. The older models of the Cognac did fade, so Fendi have now treated the new ones which include the Chocolate. As you are buying a new spy it would have been treated to reduce the fading effect, but do not think it was ever a real problem anyway with the Chocolate. I would not spray anything on your spy it will not need it. Congrats on a great purchase, I have the Chocolate and its a beautiful yummy colour.
  13. Congratulations.

  14. Hi GayleLV, here's a thread about a product called AppleGuard.

    But, you may not even need it. Like Saich said, the newer ones have been treated. Good to know as I'm not too leather smart myself.