Ordered my 1st Bluefly Bbag but not sure what I'll get

  1. Last night (early morning) I checked bluefly and ended up ordering a Bbag from there for the first time. The description was teal goatskin 'Besace' messenger bag but the photo looked like a black flat messenger bag, definitely not a Besace. I'm hoping that it is a flat messenger bag and that the "teal" color is anthracite but I'll have to see. With a $30 off code (dor115 or something like that) it was a little over $800. Has anyone else ordered this bag from Bluefy or seen it?
  2. I haven't, but that is a really good price!
  3. Hey, I saw that bag on Bluefly. It looks like you'll be getting a flat messenger! I agree, probably anthracite!
  4. i was eyeing that bbag also and almost ended up getting it! I also think it is the newer flat messenger in anthracite! Congrats on a great deal!