Ordered grey Morning After bag, which is on sale/Nordstrom (genius S.A.)

  1. I called the Nordstrom in NJ, as somone had so helpfully posted in Steals and Deals that there is a sale on RM bags. That particular Nordstrom didn't the grey color. I called Nordstrom in Garden City, NY (Roosevelt Field Mall) and spoke with Jenna, who was so pleasant and amazingly helpful that I about fell of chair. She did a search for Morning After bags in all their stores for the grey colors and found one, on sale for $384 (a fairly impressive discount from the original price).

    She spoke with a lot of knowledge about Rebecca Minkoff's bags and other handbag desingers in general -- from the lesser priced Maxx New York to upper range designers such as Chloe. She really knows her bags and desingers. I had asked questions about whether files would fit into certain other bags I'm interested in, and she put files in each one of these bags to check, and called me back to report. Jenna told me that she is studying fashion and it seems she has a keen eye for bags. So impressed with her and Nordstrom.

    I'm very excited to receive the Morning After bag as well as the enclosed shoutout from Vincent, thanks to all your helpful posts here.

    Also, the grey Matinee is in the latest Allure on a page with grey toned bags including a grey flannel trimmed with brown leather Balenciaga.

    Thanks again for all your help.
  2. aw yay! you will loveee your bag. and it's great you had some great customer service :smile:
  3. Wow! That's a great deal. You will love her! She is gorgeous leather!
  4. Nice deal...Enjoy your bag. I love mine!!! :heart::yahoo::heart:
  5. i got my mini dark grey on sale last week from nordstrom roosevelt field on sale; i was totally stoked. i love the store, best customer service. you'll love the color!