Ordered from Diabro.net?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has ordered from Diabro.net?

    Please share your experience!
  2. I just did but not for a bbag! I haven't received it yet since I just ordered last night. But since I paid w/paypal as everyone else suggested, it was a breeze! I heard paying by CC can be a pain...since they need more personal information to authorize the payment, etc....
  3. I did and they were great! I asked for a really distressed bags and they really delivered. I paid through Paypal and they called to let me know the bag I had ordered was out of stock and asked if I wanted a different one instead. I went for the other color and am very happy with it.

    Bag arrived within days and I was charged no additional customs fees.
  4. I've bought three items from diabro. I love them! I got my blue besace messenger from them, a black coin purse and I my anthracite city just arrived today! They are fabulous and if you need to talk to someone in person who speaks english to ask about colors, availability, etc (they have the wrong color names on their website. They are calling athracite, azur or something like that) ask for Steve, who speaks perfect english with a British accent.:supacool:

    I received my item in 3 days, paid no customs and no sales tax, so I was way ahead of the game. They are an authorized Balenciaga dealer so authenticity is not an issue. They tend to lower their prices on last year's styles/colors so on some items you can get a real bargain.
  5. Correction: I just looked at my receipt. They called anthracite "sepia". Anyway, except for the wrong color names, they are my favorite site to deal with for bbag stuff.
  6. OMG! He was the one who called to ask me if I would like to order a different color. It was so funny getting a call from Japan and having a man with a british accent on the other end. He was a sweetie, too (doesn't hurt that I adore British accents).
  7. I have ordered from them too. They are absolutely wonderful to work with and sell authentic Bbags. I highly recommend them!
  8. I have ordered BV, Chloe, Balenciaga and Dior bags and wallets from them and they have been great. Its a shame they don't have a loyalty program like Strawberrynet... but prices are good as well as service.
  9. I'm in Canada so I wonder if I'll have to pay duty...we always seem to pay duty here! It's frustrating!
  10. They ask if how much you want them to put for customs purposes...so you can ask them to write any amount.....

    I asked them to pu $100 for a $700 item...
  11. You're brave, Mona. Living here in SoCal, I'd be afraid the Feds would come after me if I fibbed on a customs declaration - Canada must be the land of the free and the brave!
  12. people on the forum told me about this and that is why I ordered from them!

    Plus its not you who puts the amount its the seller....
  13. They call this "dark sea" color. It looks like ink to me..
  14. nyc is the land of the free and the brave too. I told them to put $100 on the customs form.:supacool:

  15. I would guess marine on this one.