Ordered from BalNY 2 days ago... what about confirmation?

  1. Hi,

    I ordered via email (SA Daisy) 2 days ago and faxed charge autorization the day after.

    Shouldnt I received some kind of order confirmation? How long does it usually take?

    I am afraid my bag will be sold out before the order is in proces LOL


  2. Hi, I would probably give them a call and ask Daisy if she received the paper an if everything works okay with her, it would give lots of piece of mind. What do you want to get ?:graucho:
  3. That is so.... funny. I purchase from Daisy too...via telephone and I didn't get a confirmation either...very unprofesional...my order got screwed up too...but a sweet gal at Balenciaga NY fixed it for me....I just hope I get my bag soon... What did you get??? I got a city!!!!;)
  4. I didn't have access to a fax, so I scanned it in and e-mailed. I called right away to make sure Daphne received it, and she was kind enough to e-mail a short note back in response to mine. I would just call to make sure Daisy got your form, but I'm sure it's fine.
  5. I believe sometimes the SA is away, that's why u did not receive any email confirmation from her.

    In fact, i experienced that before few days ago when i bought a work bag from them. I faxed all my info and emailed to them and they said will get it done immediately. After one wk later, i rec'd the bag with a short note and my credit card charges. When i emailed back to them and said i rec'd the bag, my SA responded and said she was away, that's why didn't respond immediately but glad that i love my bag
  6. Thanks a lot all of you. I just have to be patience then, and maybe try calling them. Its just when you ordered something you want it immidiately LOL If you know what I mean... since they are going to ship to Europe (and it cost 75 US..:wtf:) I hope it gets her soon.

    I ordered a Tomato First and a Mastic First, for a friend of mine. I actully asked twice in emails if they had a money wallet, but never got any answer to that.

    Thanks again girls.... :tup: