Ordered first Chanel...Question....

  1. I have been a big LV fan for a while, but today I went to a Chanel trunk show. What gorgeous bags! :drool: Yikes....new addiction is born!

    Well, I ordered a bag, but I don't know what it is called. :s It is a new S/S 08 bag. It is white with the chains on the handle inside (wrapped in) leather. The bag comes in Navy and White and there is a larger version that is a tote that comes only in blue. The handles look almost like "ropes" with the chain completely wrapped in leather and on the front the Chanel logo is in the white resin. OK....how is that for clues! (I suppose I could also call the boutique and ask them, but I feel kind of silly). Does anyone know what it is called??
  2. "ropes" made me think of that bag shown with Samantha from Sex and the City movie...:sweatdrop: But it sounds like a different bag!
  3. Ok, I had to know. So, I just called the boutique. My SA was away... the gal that was there did not know the name, but said that it was part of the Hidden Chain collection. Hmmm....the name makes me not like it so much, but it was beautiful in person.