Ordered an Olivia Harris Pretty Blue Bag

  1. I saw this pretty blue bag :heart: from Luna Boston and decided to give it a try! I've never heard of Olivia Harris and couldn't find any reviews on tPF but the bag is on sale and I got an additional 20% off using the grechen code so it only ended up being $236!! Also, those little notes that say 'Limited Quantities' always get me...:roflmfao:

    What do you ladies think?


  2. Very pretty color. It reminds me of Belen Echandia's petrol color, which I love.
  3. oohhh- I love it! Gorgeous blue :smile:
  4. ^^ Thanks! My fingers are crossed that I will love it... Has ANYONE seen one of these bags IRL?
  5. WOW! I love it! The blue is gorgeous!!!
    I looked at this style, but for me it has too many compartments. I love the look of this bag and seriously thought about one (sight unseen, looking online only), but it has so many separate compartments! Most people really like those dividers and separate zipper and open compartments, but for me, I always do better with bags that have just one main compartment; I can never remember where I put ANYTHING!! LOL!!!
  6. It is really attractive. Is that the only color? Congratulations.
  7. Wow, I love it. What a fantastic looking bag.

    I have seen other Olivia Harris bags on AE (or revolve, I can't remember which) and being sold at Anthropologie.
  8. thanks everyone! i'll be sure to post pictures when it arrives! it also comes in black, olive and purple (was tempted to get this one too but i paid off a credit card instead... pretty boring huh?)!
  9. Very prettY!
  10. The leather looks so soft!
  11. Well... Today I received my "NOT SO PRETTY" blue bag... I opened the box... looked at the bag... boxed it back up... and dropped it back off to the UPS Store... all within about 30 minutes!

    Although the leather was very very soft there were strange dark spots in random places (not part of the leather)... the lining was yucky looking and feeling (rough tweed)... the dust bag was soiled... and it had a funny smell... :crybaby:

    The only thing that made it better is that it was a 3 package day so I got my pretty white sundress I've been wanting for quite a while and 2 lovely silk scarves!

  12. Sorry it didn't work out! I've seen the OH Plaque Totes IRL and they are usually quite beautiful with very soft leather.

    OH is made by Gryson so they have some of the same design elements (you can kind of see that in the hardware) and construction. They are usually really well made bags.

    So sorry this one wasn't a winner. Your dress is super cute though! At least you received one good purchase today!

  13. oh clutch12 -
    do tell (since you are in the "know") about this OH relationship w/Gryson.....is OH considered a less expensive line than Gryson and is it owned by Joy and her husband?
    I just saw the Spring line for Gryson and was pretty impressed with their offerings.

    sep -
    sorry to hear of your disappointment......and that the bag is safely on its way back to Boston. Gotta try, right?
  14. Yes, I don't think it's something they talk about a lot. I'm not sure why. But, OH is the lesser line of Gryson. I'm not sure of Joy Gryson's exact involvement. I've heard another group from NYC is more heavily involved in the design process. But, I know there is a relationship between Gryson and OH. I think the Olivia part of Olivia Harris comes from Joy's daughter's name.
  15. Oh, Sep! I am so sorry! You and I haven't had a good bag week!
    A few other Pf'ers are posting about their poor bag experiences like yours with LB lately, too. I have bought 2 bags from them in the past and they were both PERFECT and the CS is great, too. I wonder what is happening with them lately...
    I have to tell you, last nite another PF'er let me in on the Botkier sale going on now at www.botkier.com and I bought a bordeaux Sasha hobo for $198 shipped down from $495. Hopefully it will be lovely.... It's a final sale, so otherwise I will have to sell it if I don't love it.
    On a lighter note, I love your new sundress!