Ordered a wallet from gucci over phone.

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  1. I ordered a wallet from an out of state gucci store because all the stores in CA are sold out of it. How long does it usually take to receive the item? I gave my credit card info but the SA didnt even give me a total or ask for an email address. Is this normal?
  2. It shouldn't take more than a week if the wallet is in stock - maybe a little longer with the holidays (at least that has been my experience). I ordered the Britt Boston bag during the sale from the store in Atlanta. This is not my regular store nor my regular SA. My SA was out on vacation for a few days and I did not want to miss out on the bag. I didn't see a pending or applied charge on my card after a few days so I called the store only to learn that the SA didn't ring the bag up for me and they didn't have any left. I was able to get the bag through my regular SA after all. I say check your credit card. If the charge isn't there or pending, you may want to contact the store just to make sure they are sending it.
  3. During my sale stalking; I had to order something from a NY store... in the hamptons. The girl was so nice. Same thing; didn't tell me a total; just took my info.... But I saw the purchase show up in my authorizations the next day on my amex... so I assumed it was legit. It did take about ten days and I had to call. I end up finding out that she actually called other stores to locate one of the items for me; because when it came; the receipt was from Houston.
  4. great turns out they couldnt find my order when i called today so i had to replace it. how my info is secure.
  5. i called again today after they told me i would receive it today. they said that that was wrong and i would actually receive it by the 11th. im gettting really pissed. they had the wallet in stock and i ordered it over a week ago. they also won't give me any tracking info. anyone else been in a similar situation?