Ordered a black YSL muse handbag!!!

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  1. In large....from Germany...I can't wait till it gets here!!!
    It'll hopefully look like SoCal's one that she sold last week.

    I am so excited,and I just hope that this is the black bag that's been eluding me for the better part of 6 months.

    Any Muse owners here? Any stories,pictures,thoughts?

  2. Congrats! i love the Muse. it's simple and classic. def a keeper. too bad i'm too short to carry one :unsure:
  3. Congratulations, that is so exciting! I dont have one myself, but I think they are so nice. And tha black is really classy. Look forward to se your pics!
  4. I have the Oversize in chocolate and I :love: :love: :love: it!! I haven't changed bag since I bought it (over a month ago) Now I want the Large in Tan but they don't have it here in Europe, I have asked a friend who lives in NYC to get me one there...!! I really hope she finds it;) :biggrin:
  5. I am 5'2...at the fashion spot there are lots of pics of small girls (my height) carrying the oversized...but they are skinny small girls so it looks cute on them;I have definite boobs and hips and I think the large would look less bluky. I believe there's a considerable difference in size.

    Duna I hope I love my bag as much as you love yours...and hope you find your tan!!

    Thanks for the enthusiasm..will post pics when it eventually arrives!!
  6. I so happy for you :nuts: QuirkyCool! Did you get to try the bag in real life?...just wondering about how you came to the decision of chosing the large. I have the oversize, I absolutely love it....I don't think you will be disappointed! Sorry for the bad pic, I'm going to start taking better pics, thanks to Fayden!

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  7. I'm afraid I don't have the opportunity to see it in real life right now...no travel opportunities coming up and no YSL in Holland...I liked the pic of Socal's large and the pic of Naomi Watts and Michelle Williams with large...though i can't find it anywhere any more!!

    But what are the dimensions of the large and the oversized?

    I just know that the oversized looks too big on me. It's not for me,but yours is lovely pursemama!!!

    The large seems to be a good size handbag that would still hold all you need for day,and that would go to casual night more easily.
  8. yay!!! Congrats! :biggrin:
  9. ooooh I know your excitement! I'm waiting from my large in chocolate! I tried the oversize and even tho I'm 5'7" and not a stringbean, I have narrow shoulders and hips and it just looked too much like luggage on me. but the large was perfect! i was torn btwn brown and black, both were so great.

    the YSL store in NY said they're having someone from eurpoe come and engrave initials on muse bags on april 6th (i think it's the 6th) if you want. maybe that have that near you too? the SA said it was subtle, one initital on each side of the round circle atop the lock
  10. Congrats QuirkyCool!!! I'm Muse-curious, lol! Also wondering what the respective dimensions are for the different sizes. Anyone with pic of celebs or of themselves carrying a Muse of any size pls post:smile:)

    What's the leather like? Is it soft or more rugged leather?
  11. SerenitySue I've read the whole muse thread on TFS;it's quite informative. i think this link may take you somewhere to the middle of the thread;


    There are some pics there,and a lot of helpful discussion. (This is what i did instead of sleeping between midnight and 4 am last night:wacko: ).

    It's a soft,faintly cobbled buffalo leather.

    most people on TFS have white oversized. I know from their pics that oversized is not my size,and white is never my colour bag.

    I hope more people will obsess with us.:P

    Mine wil be here end of next week hopefully.

    Callmelulu you'll have to post pics of your bag when it comes too!!:biggrin: . Some people at tfs have also been interested in the embossing...I think I'll pass.

    No-one seems to have exact dimensions though?
  12. I have the chocolate Large Muse and I really love this bag. I had wanted the white one but they didn't have it, and so I bought the brown - half regretting it afterwards. But I don't now. The color's rich and sophisticated and the bag is so incredibly roomy and sexy in a subtle way.
  13. Oh Tammy....*begging smilie*.....if you get a chance will you post a pic of yourself wearing it?

    And measure it for us,pretty please? LOL thanks for the glowing testimonial for the bag :biggrin:
  14. Thanks QuirkyCool! I'm a bit of a lurker at TFS, lol, but haven't checked out the YSL Muse thread. Have really only been stalking the Paddy one and occasionally the Balenciaga:smile: Thanks again and I will devote some time in perusing that thread. I'm also recently into the Spy so I'll have to make time to check that thread out too! There goes my life, hahaha!
  15. Congrats!