Ordered a bag from Coach store - how long do they ususally take to ship?

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  1. I ordered an Ergo bag about a week and a half ago from my local Coach boutique and it's still not in yet. I had them just ship it to the store since it's only like 5 minutes from work. How long do they ususally take to ship? The store said they had them in Jax, so it's not on backorder.
  2. It usually takes no longer than 7 days. But it your boutique put the order off for a couple of days it takes longer. I'd double check with your SA.
  3. I called once already over the weekend and all they told me is that it's not in yet and that they will call me when it arrives. I hate to call again and be a pest.
  4. Sometimes it can take a month or longer to ship. No joke.
  5. Your not being a pest. You a paying customer and it is your right to know where your bag is. Call the Coach 800# tell them your situation and have them give you the tracking#. I have done it lots of times.
  6. Wouldn't you know as soon as I post this thread my bag would arrive. It just came in today so I left work for a few minutes to go and get it! I'm so impatient. It's a medium black leather Belted Ergo Hobo and it's beautiful! :heart: I'll have to post pictures tonight.

    Thanks for the responses!
  7. :yahoo:Awsome!! Hurry! Pics!!!:nuts: