Orderded ugg's from the U.S. and ended up paying about 67% extra on impot. i feel :(

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  1. I ordered a pair off ugg's from victoria's secret for 150 dollars including shipping. Today they came to my door telling me i had to pay 95 dollar! (it is in euro's but for the reference) i thaught it was 20% and that is not 95 dollar. The paper said i had to pay for import, taxes and something else. I feel :tdown:
  2. Girlfriend I feel you pain, oy it adds up. I bought from LVR in Italy a pair of Chloe Booties. I ended up paying 30 percent above the cost of the shoe for import duties and tax alone. Lucky me, shipping was free because I bought during a promotional period. I'm not doing that again. Lesson learned........
  3. Oh my!!!!

    You should look on the UGG website to see where the nearest dealer is for the Netherlands! I know there is one for Germany where you can get them
  4. Here's where you can get them in the netherlands:



    Aventurijn 218
    3316 LB Dordrecht
    The Netherlands

    Phone: +31 7863 16770
    Fax: +31 7863 15004
    Contact: Mart Verspoor
    Email: info@radicals.nl

    I wouldn't have accepted the package and sent them back! That's just too much
  5. Thanks,

    i don't know how much they are in germany but here they are 220 euro's so i't is still cheaper to order them
  6. Do you know if UGGs are true to size? I'm definitely getting a pair this year :smile:
  7. they run quite big i wear an 8 in ugg's and i'm a 9,5 in normal shoes