Order your favorite Hermes Birkin leathers from most fav to least!

  1. Dear Hermes Experts,

    I was just in Hermes in my home city and they had a swift 30cm Birkin in terquoise and I did not buy it... mainly because although I have seen Clemence and Togo, Epsom and Vache Liegee, I have not seen Swift, or know anyone with experience with this leather.

    Can someone or someones tell me what are the characteristics, or the "personalities" of each leather and how they wear, which leathers scratch easily etc.? Also what is your personal preference? What is on the top of your "Love List"? How would you order the leathers from your personal favorite to your least favorite?

    I think I need more of a mental game plan when I go into Hermes so I don't need to hesitate and wonder. I need to know that., yes, I will take Togo, or no I won't take it if it is Epsom etc. I know it is always down to what I like, but wear over the long term and the experiences of others can reveal some good info. too.

    Also, if a Birkin needs refurbishing because it is easily scratched, what is the general cost of that?

    Looking forward to reading your responses.

  2. My personal fave is swift (Gulliver's replacement) because I like my bags to be mou.

    Swift leather is pretty easy to take care of. Have a bag that's about 10 years old - a little banged up and is on the way to Claude right now. Will post before and after photos when I get it back...

    Also love chevre (coromandel and mysore) because of its stiffness and shiny-ness. It is also a light leather and I believe it wears pretty well...

    Togo and Clemence are ok - they are very practical leathers.

    Am not too keen on epsom or vache since it is a very, very stiff leather.

    Anyway, just my opinion. Hope it helps with your search...
  3. My favorite is Chevre, followed by togo for it's wearability. I have an evergraine, and it's incredible. Would eventually love a box. Swift and clemeance are the leathers I'd probably never buy.
  4. My favorite 'everyday' is togo and my grail is box
  5. 1. swift and barenia - buttery smooth and soft; easy care
    2. evergrain - same
    3. chevre
    4. togo
    5. clemence
    6. box
    7. vache liegee
    8. epsom/courchevel

    Exotics are another category altogether - lizard, croc, ostrich - love them all equally.
  6. 1. Barenia
    2. Box
    3. Chevre de Coromandel
    4. Chevre Mysore
    5. Swift
    6. Clemence
    7. Togo

    I do not care for Epsom/Courcheval at all except for small accessories or bracelets, etc.
  7. Another 1 may be missed:

    Swift is much, much lighter in weight than togo. This is very important for me.
  8. 1. togo for everyday
    2. epsom/courchevel I love the rigidity and stiffness
    3. box
    4. swift/barenia
    5. evergrain
    6. chevre
    7. clemence
    8. vache liegee
  9. Ok, thank you for the responses so far.
    I have made a list of all the leathers mentioned so far that I have never seen and know nothing of, but would like to learn more about, so if anyone feels like writing some biographies of these leathers... or synopsis, it would help me greatly. Or does anyone have photos?
    Also, which are the leathers that scratch super easily? And does reconditioning solve that? Which cause the birkin to sag over time?

    Chevre de Coromandel
    Chevre Mysore

    Also, I am wondering: is color a factor in combination with the leather? Are some colors better in certain leathers etc.? And if so, which?

    I am thinking about posting another thread like this with the color question because I am learning so much here about things I did not even know existed.

    Thank you.
  10. Also, TammyD, if you see this, why not clemence and swift? Too soft... wondering your reasoning. :smile:
  11. 1) Box
    2) Vache Naturelle/Barenia
    3) Clemence

    These are the only ones I REALLY like....
  12. I probably have to recount, but I put a number for what number on the person's list that leather was next to the leather name, so one can see that there is much varying opinion, however some stand out as those nearly always on the end of the list.
    24111 Barenia
    451161 Swift
    1744123 Togo
    631332 Chevre
    1326614 Box
    5223 Evergrain
    699 Courchevel
    376554 Clemence
    87755 vache
    2886 Epsom
    2 Vache Naturelle
  13. Is Barenia crocodile? That would explain why people like it. My.
  14. AoA, there is lots of info on the leathers throughout the forum. First, try the reference section. You can find pics of each leather and a superior description of it as well. If that does not help, do a search on the leathers you want to learn about and you will find a great deal of info.

    Asking this question is personal opinion of course. You need to decide if you want a smooth leather, textured, stiff, slouchy, light, heavy etc. It is really hard to go on what others say. You should narrow things down and then ask us on your few choices.

    The leather that can live longer than all of us and still look good is box calf, but many people don't care for it because they can't handle the scratches and such.

    Good Luck in your search!
  15. ^^ Yup, AA. Most of your queries will probably be answered in the Reference Section - there's a wealth of information there!