Order Status Error??

  1. I went into Coach on Friday night and ordered 2 items. There is an order number on the receipt under these 2 items, and the SA there told me that I can check the status of my order with that number. So, I went to Coach.com on Saturday to check on the order. I put in my order number and my billing zip code.

    The 2 items I ordered show up as "In the warehouse". BUT, the totally weird thing is that there was an additional item showing up as part of the order. :confused1: :confused1: I just don't get it. I figured maybe they had someone else's order mixed in with mine and it had the same number. :shrugs: I figured it had to be a fluke, so I put in my order number and a different zip code, just to test it out. Sure enough, the site said that there was no order matching that zip code.

    Then today I went there to check again, and now, along with my 2 items and the additional item (that I did not order), there are 10 NEW items showing us as part of the order. :wtf: All of them are listed as "In the warehouse". It looks like I went in and ordered about 15 things!!

    Has anyone had this happen before? I've made orders before and have never had this happen. What is going on?? :confused1: :shrugs:
  2. Hmmm weird. Have you tried calling the 800 #?
  3. Yes that has happened to me and I thought they were my items but they are other orders generated by that store but not yours. The first time I was ready to call and I seen the one was delivered but to a different area but still close by and the second time there were only two others but they were not mine. I know when I called the coach.com number they did not know I could track with the store numbers so they did not know what I was talking about.
  4. Hmm, orders in stores should be able to be checked online technically. If you want a tracking number- you can call the store though!
  5. If I were you, I would call them the first thing in the morning. Sounds like they have a glitch in their computer system.
  6. I finally called and got it straightened out. My 2 items should be here on Thursday. I got a order status e-mail from Coach today. I guess the order number I was accessing on Coach.com was that particular's store's orders for the night. :shrugs: Weird.
  7. Happy it worked out. :smile: What did you order?
  8. Thanks sunsets! I ordered this coin purse in the metallic lilac:


    And this flower charm for my pond bag:


    Can't wait to get them! :yahoo: