order out of state

  1. hi i wanted to ask that can i still call the 866 Vuitton to place a phone order if i live out of state? :confused1: Will they ship to Canada? and how much is the shipping, if anyone know please reply. :yes:
  2. I don't know from personal experience, but many Canadians on tPF use the 866 Vuitton for orders.
  3. I think they'd probably locate what you're looking for for you in a Canadian store, and transfer your call to the store that has the item in stock. I'm not sure if they ship directly to you...just the store. That's what happened when I was looking for something. I called 866, they located what I was looking for, and transferred my call and the store did a charge-send for me.
  4. thx for the infos :smile:

    karman - so Canadian stores are still willing to ship the item directly your home? may I ask how much's the shipping fee?