Order now or wait for spring Saks Friends and Family?

  1. I want to order the OLD BALL in nero. Should I order it now at full price from BV or Saks? or wait until the next Friends and Family to get a 20% discount.

    I had read on tpf that BV will be discontinuing the OLD BALL, so I wonder if there is risk to waiting or it it worth it to get the 20% off.

    What would you do?
  2. I would call Saks and find out how many ball bags they have left in the system. :sweatdrop: If they only have a few, there may not be any left by FF2008. However if they have quite a lot left, I personally would hold out and wait until April. Plus if you purchase from Saks in a different state and ask for it to be shipped as a gift, there is no tax assessed. Also, if you don't already have a Saks card, you can apply the same day for additional 10% off. Whatever you decide, you will have a gorgeous bag. :tup:
  3. i agree with Mystiletto that's what i would do in this case. it totally depends on availability and how much you desire it.

    thanks for the tip Mystiletto i was always wondering why some of my merchandise have tax added and some dont. now i know what to do each time when i place an order over the phone. :smile:
  4. I am going to call Saks today and ask about the availability of the old ball system wide. Great idea Mystiletto.

    Catabie, I do not know if you are in the US and if that even matters, but the NYC Saks told me if they are shipping to a different state there is no tax added. I actually thought that was true provided there was no Saks store in your state or city, but she sad it did not matter. So according to this SA, gift or no gift...no tax added!

    QUESTION: I am very curious, any truth to the rumor that BV is discontinuing the OLD ball bag?
  5. A BV SA actually confirmed that the old ball is being discontinued. If you really love this bag and really want to get it, I wouldn't wait around because you will always end up kicking yourself if it goes. I think the SA also mentioned that this bag may go in the sale? but I'm not 100% on this, if I were you check with your local BV SA or Saks who often have different styles on sale compared to the boutiques.