Order maximum-- does it apply to relaunch days only?

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  1. I'm confused about the order maximum. On the day of the last relaunch, I ordered 2 bags only, per the FAQ. I understand they want to avoid having all the bags scooped up by one person. But when can I order more bags? Do I have to wait for Tuesday's relaunch? How do they monitor this? Obviously I'm not a re-seller, but if there are unsold bags on their site, couldn't I buy the ones I want?
  2. It used to stop you checking out if you added too many to the cart. So if you can add what you want and it let's you check out then I would assume the limit didn't apply. I think they may do away with the limit now anyway. There's still so much left from last time and I assume maybe even more this time. Perhaps that's why they have been able to restock so quickly as they don't have to have as many ready for it given what's still available.
  3. Thanks! I'm ready for the countdown....