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  1. Hi all! I have a question and figured I would ask the experts. I want to buy a wallet and have narrowed it down to the Emilie in DE. The problem is, I have never seen it in person. I'm not sure if I want to order the wallet online or just go to the store (a distance away) and see it before buying. I leaned toward going to the store but they don't do the stamping there and I want my wallet hotstamped. So not sure what to do! What would you all do?
  2. I would go see it before having it hotstamped...if you don't like it you can't return it. I love my Emilie (mono w/ red)!
  3. That was another thought I had. I guess it would be smarter to go to the store. I just hate to drag my dh with me since I don't drive.
  4. If your really not sure your like it you can always see it in store and then order it online and get it hot stamped. I have only ordered on line and never been to a store plus got my 6 key holder hot stamped ( never saw it before) . I watched lots if YouTube clips, read reviews and looked at pictures on in the clubhouse section before I ordered.
  5. I've been loving youtube lately. I keep watching reviews of the Emilie and the Josephine wallets. I wasn't sure which one I liked more until I saw the reviews. Gotta love youtube for enabling my addiction. :smile:
  6. Could you make a day of it and go to the store? Are there some other stores or things he can do while you are at LV?
  7. He'd be preoccupied with the baby. She's 7 weeks old and I didn't want to drag the both of them along. He'd be totally fine with it but I'd feel guilty. Lol. Life of a mom, right? i know he'd love to hit Gamestop while we're out. An hour at LV for me equals about 2 for him at Gamestop. He has to debate everything about games with the SAs and proclaim himself King of the Nerds. But I'd happily listen to his game ranting just as he happily listens to my monologues about purses. Should make for an interesting ride home. :P
  8. I would order it on line and if you like it, you can have it hotstamped at the store next time you head to the store!

  9. I had a number of quality issues with my emilie so would highly recommend seeing it in store. It took me 4 exchanges and numerous complains to get a good wallet and my travel expenses paid.
  10. I think to be on the safe side, plan a time when you and your hubby can see it in person. Maybe make the trek worthwhile and do some other things together in the area than solely a visit to LV. Other than that, if you're anxious to get it, you could order online and take the chance that you might just like it.
  11. Hi OP! Do you still live in the Chicagoland area? If so, and if baby and hubby are up for the trip, it's worthwhile to visit the Oakbrook boutique and bask in the glory of the beautiful bags. Oh - and try out wallets IRL, too :smile:
    Congrats on the new baby!
  12. Thanks! I have been to Oakbrook, it's my LV of choice. Hubby says he has no problem going to the store with me. I kind of greased the wheels today by buying him the new game he wanted. It looks like we're going sometime in the near future. Hopefully I won't be too tempted to buy out the entire store. :P
  13. Update! Was all ready to go get my wallet dh and dd aboard for the ride, when suddenly my dh decided to surprise me. He said I could go ahead and buy a Neverfull. He knew I wanted one and he said I could go ahead and get one as "a surprise push present." So I finally got myself an awesome mommy bag, a Mono NF MM! I have to say I have the best hubby. I'm very blessed to have such a thoughtful hubby. :biggrin:
  14. Congrats on the new bag! I got the same one on Sunday as an anniversary gift! ;)
  15. Congrats twin! Are you letting yours tan first or are you using it right away? I'm trying to tan mine but am having a hard time not using it. It can't tan fast enough for me.