order got sent to another email address?

  1. so I was checking my business email today, and I got an email from coach with my tracking number???? I get coach emails all the time in my regular account, and I only use my business account for my business...I never gave them this email address...any ideas on how they got it? And does that have any effect on PCE if they use a different email than what is on file? It still says it was shipped to my name and address. Confused here! :confused1:
  2. Hmmm...so you didn't order anything and something is coming to you? Maybe someone sent you a gift? LOL
  3. Maybe an autofill put in the wrong address or you were distracted when you placed your order?
  4. I ordered shoes in the store, and they said my name and address, but never asked for an email...and the email I have on file is my main one, which I get emails sent to me all the time...but never my business one...