Order gone terribly wrong - please help!


May 26, 2007
Hi ladies - Wanted to get some help. Given the recent slurry of sales, I thought I would take advantage and get some lovely Chanel goodies on sale. I called one of the Saks stores (outside of my state) and ordered a few bags after opening up a charge card to get an extra 10% discount. At least 4 times I asked the SA to be sure that the bags were brand new, not returns, not damaged, containing their authenticity cards and was assured that all was in order. The box arrived yesterday. Inside it contained cut up, used and discarded silk gift ribbon and boxes containing chanel bags. It was in the evening, I was tired and the first thing I did was open up the receipt to check the charges and noticed that I was double charged for the most expensive bag. I then opened up the boxes and noted that one of the bags (mind you not the one I had ordered - I ordered a two handle tote from vintage ligne but received a cloudy bundle) was obviously used - major scratches, worn leather, worn lining and to top things off, an authenticity card which did not match the sewn in label. The other bags looked new and unused. I called the store immediately and the SA was very apologetic and immediately refunded me for the double charge. When I told her she shipped me the wrong bag and a used one at that (I didn't notice the authenticity mismatch till later in the night), she told me that she can't imagine how that happened and is sorry, but does not have the bag I had originally ordered and can't do anything but refund me for the overcharge. Today, I've browsed some other sale offerings and have noticed that the nylon sport duffle is actually $500something (not the $720 I was charged). Does this duffle come in 2 sizes or just one? So basically, I get a terribly and sloppily packed box, get overcharged for nearly $2K, receive a used bag without matching authenticity instead of the bag I ordered and possibly get overcharged by $200 for the nylon duffle. Yes, I'm sure I will have no problem returning these items, but this was quite disappointing and I feel that Saks should do something about this. What do think? Any advice as to how I should go about this? Thanks so much!:confused1:

Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
well......Call the handbag manager for that store..I know the NYC SAKS has a really great manager...once she gave me a 30% discount for a seriously fouled up order...explain your frustration to the manager and see what happens!


May 1, 2007
Yes, and if not the handbag manager, then the store manager and so on and so on...........:okay: I work in retail and I know you will get satisfaction, guaranteed!!!


Feb 7, 2007
sooo sorry to hear that you have to deal with such a mess. yes you should call and talk to the manager. hope it all works out for you.


*V is for Vintage*
Jun 1, 2007
Definitely speak to a manager!! Do not let this go without letting someone know!


Have a nice day!
Jan 14, 2006
That stinks, I'm sorry for your trouble. My advice is to keep talking to people until you get the answer you want. Decide exactly what you want them to do, whether you decide to keep the bags and would like a discount or if you want them to find the bag that you ordered, and explain very accurately how you would like the situation handled. If your SA can't/won't help, then speak to the supervisor. If the supervisor gives you the same answer, then ask the name of their supervisor, and keep on going until this is resolved to your satisfaction. Best of luck, I hope this works out for you.


Dec 28, 2006
When I've had problems with Saks, I have gone directly to Customer Service for help. Granted, I have not done this over the phone, just in store but one of the credit managers at my local Saks is fantastic. If the manager is of no help, I would talk to them. Things really got moving for me as soon as she got on the problem. My problem wasn't with Chanel but I thought I'd mention it anyway. Good luck.