Order from LVR: Your experience?

  1. Hello Bal-lovers,

    I'm new to this thread and I'm thinking of buying either a Work or a Part-Time from LVR. The problem is that I have read mixed reviews about them. Some people were satisfied with the item and the service but others not. So my question goes out to those of you who have bought from LVR this season. What was your experience? Was the service OK and most importantly was the bag you received of good quality?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I bought my violet SGH work from them, and the bag was beautiful, perfect, and I couldn't have been happier. Bag arrived in two days. No shipping charge to U.S. Express mail shipping. Expect to pay duty for amount over $1,000.00. Generally 10% + small fee to FedEx. Good luck!
  3. I ordered via phone so service was fine, shipping was very quick, now the bag was not really what I had asked for leatherwise.
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  6. Just received my bag this morning. I had great service. The bag arrived quickly and it is GORGEOUS!!!! Have fun shopping!
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