order from ELUX or buy from store? CREASES IN BAG???

  1. hi i have heard of a number of people having to stuff their bags (like a speedy that i want to get :yahoo: VERY SOON!) to get creases out from tight packing...is this when you order it from e lux? should i go buy from store because of this..thanks ladies, i know yall are serious experTS!
  2. when my Damier Speedy 25 came from eLuxury, there was a piece of cardboard in it that was made to go round the inside of the bag and keep its shape, so the Speedy wasn't folded and creased like it would be in the store
  3. I ordered mine from an LV store and they sent it to me in the big box and it wasn't folded. I can't remember what was in it exactly, but it arrived in upright perfect condition
  4. i got my damier speedy off of elux and it wasnt folded. Like yeux said it had a piece of cardboard that went around the inside helping the speedy hold its shape. if you go to the store most times the speedies are folded
  5. I think the monogram bags come folded. I have looked at the Monogram speedies in store and they all come folded. I belive the Damier does not come folded. Why the difference? *shrugs* who knows!
  6. I've never had creases in my bags that I've gotten from Elux. My white MC Speedy came from elux and it (along with the others I've ordered) have been stuffed with tissue paper, put in an LV dustbag in the hard cardboard LV box and have had that "air pillow" stuffing around it inside the larger shipping box.
  7. I just got my speedy 30 from the store and it was folded. I stuffed it with T-shirts for a few days, but some creases are still there. They'll eventually pop out.
  8. my speedy came w/ creases after SA unfolded it. SA swore it would come out w/ use, and it did!
  9. got my damier & mono speedy from the LV store and it was folded, in a dust bag, in a box
  10. both my damier & mono were from the store...both were folded. Both of them I can't see creases when I unfold it to use.
  11. The Charlotte LV is no longer folding the Damier Speedies. My SA said that they were told not to fold any more because of the slight difference in the fabric and it taking longer for the creases to come out.
  12. It's kind of a roll of the dice buying from Elux... I have seen people get items that were clearly returns from other buyers (beginning to patina, marks on items, small defects, etc...) but I have been fortunate in always getting very nice, crisp, obviously brand new items. To me Elux is worth it because I am saving 10% sales tax. ;)
  13. My keepall was folded twice times in Vienna store. I was little bit shocked when I saw quite small shopping bag. I thought it is impossible to wrap keepall in this way. And after 4 months I have still creases:crybaby:
  14. My Speedies from eLux and the store were both folded. No creases anymore after use though!
  15. well... now's a good time to order from elux, as there's a free shipping code (RNWY) available for use until the 18th? i'll have to double check the expiration date.