Order cancelled!!!

  1. My order from Gucci.com has been cancelled. The sea boat wedges, are unavailable.
  2. :tdown: I am so sorry :crybaby:
  3. Yeah, well....I was disappointed yet relieved at the same time. You know how that is. haha I think they would've been so sexy though.

    Where's your doggy at? :biggrin:
  4. Oh boo to them!!!!
  5. sorry!
  6. thats the worst feeling ever. Feeling like you have something and then have that taken from you. ugh:crybaby:
  7. ^lol....well, it wasnt that bad.

    but thank you all for your condolences. :girlsigh:
  8. ah, nooo! what a bummer! :lecture:
  9. My fuschia pink with horsebit high heeled slides were cancelled also. :sad: Well at least I got them in fuschia patent a few months ago. I did like the more understated fabris web though.
  10. All the more excuse to buy something else to make up for it I say!
  11. Ugh.. So sorry girls :sad:
  12. BLL, do you have a link to the shoes your ordered??? I dont remember fuschia horsebit slides.

    eta: are the same ones Paula24 got?
  13. aww. too bad your order cancelled. maybe it's a sign that something better is waiting to come your way. lol