Order by email from Paris or buy in U.S.?

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  1. apparently if you email 233sh@goyard.com then you can make a purchase order via email and pay via bank transfer, however, it seems like this service is only available to customers where there are no goyard retailers (e.g. I'm in Australia and the closest one is hong kong lol). they're pretty good with their emails (usually within 24 hours) and send you all the information required.

    i'm assuming that the 180 euros they quoted was for shipping alone because customs can't be charged until it lands in australia but even then, anything <$900 AUD does not get taxed (or can be refunded if you're heading overseas within 60 days).

    has anyone else experienced really high shipping costs and is this the norm for international shipping from goyard in paris? just wondering whether there's any reason for it but if it's the norm then i might just go ahead with it.
  2. That's good to know. I flew to Hong Kong from to get my rare navy blue Victoria bag. The goyard store manager help me track it down. But i think the closest store would be Singapore?
  3. oh yeah true haha forgot about Singapore. yeah they opened up a store around 2-3 years ago aye? i wished i had the time to fly around purchasing items >_<
  4. Well I travel a lot for work so it just so happened that the Manager at the HK goyard store called all the Goyard stores in the world to help me find it. I have to signature colors burgundy and Navy blue. So I had to have it .