Order by email from Paris or buy in U.S.?

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  1. Love this. Very creative.
  2. Gorgeous! :smile:
  3. Can anyone share your SA contact in Paris, since I need to buy one from Asia, I just thought about having it mailed from Paris.
    Thanks ladiessss :kiss::kiss:
  4. i want to order one st.louis for my sister,anybody can tell me e-mail address to order with low price?
    Tks in adv.
  5. The $100 included the customs fees.
  6. Sorry that doesn't sound correct to me. Even with your own FedEx acct.
    Shipping and customs from Paris at 100 USD???
    Too many years buying and shipping from there. Either all the rest of us have been overcharged or you were given the deal of the year.
  7. I emailed Goyard Paris (both paris233 and contact) about whether I could still purchase from Paris, and as arkiemark stated, Paris is no longer shipping to the US.

    As emailed: "Thank you for your interest in La Maison Goyard.
    You are correct, all orders for North America are fulfilled by our boutique from now on. Paris/London does not process distance orders to our region any longer. Please feel free to contact us at 212-813-0005 should you have any further questions or if you decide to proceed with the order."

    I hope this answers anyone's questions on whether to order by email or buy in the US, since this new policy indicates that we won't be able to order internationally. It still is so much cheaper to buy in Paris if you can make a trip there- I only wish I had the time!
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    +1 - That sounds low! We bought in Paris and left it there for monogramming. They shipped it to us (used our own Fedex account) and customs fees were over $400
  9. I dont know about your FEDEX Account, but my companies volume is very high and we pay hardly nothing for services and unfortunately there is no consistency with customs. I had a conversation with another forum member about the same topic and hers was $200.
  10. Yeah, it depends on how much they declare your item is worth. Ours was a Bourget trolley so it was expensive. We have a business fedex account too so the shipping charge wasn't the issue. The $400+ customs charge was separate from the shipping charge. So unless you get really lucky and the item is declared at really low value (because fedex collects the customs fee on the same receipt), you aren't going to get a break with customs.

  11. The St Louis was only $665 Euro
  12. Wow that is such a great price! I need to find someone going to Paris ASAP to get me a bag!!!
  13. You are better off going to to an goyard store here in the states. Goyard will not do eCommerce. Which means you have to go to and goyard store and buy it- or if you want something in a certain color and they do no have it they will call all the US stores for you prior to reaching out to Paris. the shipping from the Paris store it outrageous tack that on to the 400 and then if you want it monogrammed its 150 for letters up to 6 and 150 for strips.
  14. Hi!

    I was in contact with a Goyard representative re: the Goyard Grenelle (passport holder) and was quoted 180 euros for shipping alone. Am I missing something here or is the exorbitant shipping price standard across ordering via email!? The Grenelle itself costs 310 euros and the shipping is almost 6/10 of the price!?

    Thanks in advance for any input!

  15. You can't order goyard items via e-mail. If you were to order from paris you would have order from a goyard stores. the Shipping cost is high because of the duties/VAT tax plus the shipping cost. Don't be fooled by the currency exchange rate. when every thing is said and done you are paying the same price in the states as you would in Paris-plus you wold have to pay for a plane ticket to paris. That being said; buy your bags in the states.:smile: