Order by email from Paris or buy in U.S.?

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  1. So I've been looking around for a new bag for a while now and I think I've settled on the bigger St Louis in green, I had one but it was a gift and mysteriously disappeared and appeared in my mom's closet.

    So I'm getting a new one and since I'm footing the bill (ugh) I can get it customized with my name! I'm hoping to get it in the biggest block letters possible.

    The dollar and euro are almost equal right now--should I email Paris and order one from them and have it shipped for me? The euro price is so much lower than the dollar. Or should I just order one from a USA boutique?

    Also: side question. With the customozation, does anyone know if I can get each letter a different color combo? My name is four letters and I want each one a different color.

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Yes you can get each letter a different color combo.
    The price savings on bag from Paris usually negated with the high shipping fees and custom charge.
  3. Unfortunately, Paris will only ship to countries that don't have an existing boutique located in that country. If you try ordering and shipping to the US, they will refer you to a location domestically. It's a shame since the Euro is so low against the dollar right now.
  4. Goyard Paris will ship to USA. I've done it before. Maybe you are referring to new policy.
  5. 8 years ago I calculated the costs of buying in France vs USA. With the pricing and shipping prices then + customs fees it was still cheaper to order in France then directly buy in the US. It was just hypothetical though as I live in Europe and bought the bags when I went to Paris...
  6. Definitely a new policy. I tried emailing the Paris Boutique a month ago before the Chicago store opened and they referred me to NYC or San Francisco.
  7. honestly I've done the math and I could fly to Paris and spend a weekend there, buy my St Louis GM and the entire trip plus the bag would equal what it costs to buy one in the US with tax (of course not accounting for...all the other fabulous things I'd buy in Paris!)

    The monogramming is the wild card. Can you purchase a bag in paris and have it monogrammed here?
  8. YES, I bought a St louis last September for a Friend and she had it Monogrammed at Neiman Marcus
  9. I have been in contact with them recently regarding shipping a bag and I was not refused.
  10. Did they happen to mention how much shipping to the US is now? I've read some conflicting information in various threads (anywhere from 200-400 euros) so just wanted to see if their quote has changed. Thank you!
  11. I bought mine in Paris and then had it shipped to San Fran for monogramming. It takes 3 full months. It was $310 for 3 initials + a stripe. Additional $45 for return shipping. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1432433652.310333.jpg
  12. Oh just found my email from early 2014 with pricing from San Fran:
    - Up to 6 letters per side, it costs $155 in Classic paint, $310 in Metallic paint (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
    - Up to 3 stripes per side, it costs $155 in Classic paint, $310 in Metallic paint (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
    -Special logo designs start at $250 in Classic paint, $350 in Metallic paint (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1432433875.180305.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1432433915.053527.jpg
  13. I read here to use my own FEDEX Account and it was a little over $100, but I have read that others have paid more. Mine was before the Sept 2014 increase and the VAT was taken off the top.

    Hope this helps.
  14. Thank you! I emailed them, but I've heard it can take quite a while for Paris to respond and so really appreciate you sharing your experience! I will definitely ask about using my own fedex account too.
  15. Yes, but then have customs fees. I agree with trip to Paris, big Goyard shopping spree would save money.