Order anything good from the Saks sale?

  1. I was pretty impressed by the price cuts on Saks.com yesterday and today. Did anyone order anything good?
  2. There were some tempting deals but personally I didn't see anything on sale that I *had* to have. I had a bookmarked list of shoes/clothing/bags that I *loved* and unfortunately not a single thing from that list got marked down :sad:
  3. I saw a bunch of stuff that I had bought recently (during the EGC event) that was now on sale :push: (and they're not doing price adjustments on previous purchases)...But I felt a little better because everything I bought was now sold out in my size.
  4. Have been thinking about those flat black Delman boots, but my DH keeps telling me to go more high-end. What kind of brain-washing must have I done to have him tell me that?!
  5. I ordered several pairs of shoes I was uncertain about under the "buy now and decide later" policy. The first to arrive were these Brian Atwood Slick D'Orsay Pumps. They were marked down from $560 to $336. I haven't decided yet whether I should keep them, but they're really comfortable.

    (Forgive the ugly feet...)
    atwood1.jpg model1.jpg model2.jpg
  6. DEFINITELY KEEP THOSE!! OMG they are gorgeous! I would've bought those full-price even (if they didn't sell out of my size so early on). I've just been on the phone with NM trying to track down a pair of tan/camel patent leather peep-toes with cut-outs (by Gunmetal) that look quite similar to those Brian Atwood's....and no luck so far. Those are a classic for sure, so I'd definitely keep them unless they are not comfortable for your feet.
  7. I love them! Keep them, especially if they're comfortable :yes:
  8. The same thing happened to me :p
  9. Those look great...and their comfortable...I need to go look now.
  10. Shoecrazy, I love them, pleas keep them, they are beautiful.

    I got the Bruno Frisoni python bow platform. Not sure about sizing though, I hope that they fit. My heart has really been set on the zipper bow but I couldn't pass up the deal on the python ones.
  11. I ordered the python bow platform too! I couldn't pass up 40% off on those. I ordered them in my regular US shoe size but I know that others have said that the ribbon bow platforms run 1/2 a size big, so I'm not sure if I should order them a 1/2 size smaller too. The adjustable buckle probably provides some flexibility there.
  12. Thanks everyone for your compliments on the Brian Atwood D'Orsays - I think you've convinced me I should keep them!
  13. G. Zanotti shoes. I hope they fit good, I went up to a 39, my usual size in closed toe Italian shoes. They're for work, but I still hope they're cute on!


    Now I'm debating some other purchases...hehehe.
  14. WooHoo! Glad someone here grabbed a pair!
    I so DESPERATELY wanted to purchase a pair yesterday, but of course, ALL things python cannot be shipped to Cali! GRRR...:crybaby:
    Congrats on a great deal, Kamilla!
    Shoecrazy - Congrats! They're adorable! :flowers: