Orchid's supercatalog

  1. Oh Orchid,the catalog is terrific!!!!!Thank You so much!!!!
    i just wrote a list to my SA about all the bags i am interested for...exactly 11 different design:yes:
    Do You think all of them are still available or possible to order???
  2. MM...glad you're enjoying the info. I was stunned when I saw so many other styles available--so many that I hadn't heard of. I don't know what the availability of the bags are though as I can't read Japanese. I'm sure your SA can fill you in as to what's still out there.
  3. Thanks, Orchids. This is something that should have been done a long time ago.
  4. HG--I was thinking of you when I took those pix---please feel free to add to that thread of other designs that may be missing. It'd be great to have a bag archive so to speak so that when older designs pop up on resellers' lists members have something to check it against. Although, everyone should be forewarned that there are some typos in the Japanese Catalog--i.e., the Yeoh bag is misspelled.
  5. O, that was great thread........too many choices now.......LOL!
  6. :yes: Thanks so much! Loved looking at all the different styles! :nuts:
  7. Super job Orchids! We all really appreciate what you shared. Thank you.
  8. Orchids ~ Thank You So Very Much!!!!! I Keep Going Back To Look!!! So Many Beautiful Bags!!!!! :smile:
  9. Which catalog???????????:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  10. Orchids, great job! Thanks for doing this for us all to gawk at! :flowers:
  11. thank you very much!
  12. OMG OMG OMG!!! SOOO much to choose from!!!! Are all these bags in production or just special order?? I haven't even heard of any of these bags b4?? Wonder if I will see more bags or any of these bagsat the Mother Ship in Paris?? Thanks soooo much Orchids!! YOU ROCK!!!!:yahoo: :drool: :nuts: :jammin:
  13. You're welcome! I don't think these are all special order and many of them are in still production although a few I think were one-time deals--like the Quelle Idole (thank goodness!).