Orchid Nile

  1. Or at least I think that is the name of it! lol I saw a small zippy pouch thingy (lol, I know I do not know what stuff is called) at my local TJMaxx in this GORGEOUS color, so I had to come home and search for the color on eBay! This is sooo going to be on my list! I am going to get the Annalisa lock sac after my new bbag is paid for, but then I think this is next. The color is just TDF! Does anyone have it, and would you mind sharing pics if you do? It has been discontinued, right?
  2. I've seen it at TJMaxx. The color is really pretty, a sort of purply-pink.
  3. Don't have it but have seen pics of the color on eBay. Very pretty color.
  4. Got this pic from eBay..

  5. That's it! I didn't see that one on ebay, it's gorgeous! Thanks for the pic!
  6. Here is my "Orchid Nile Pocket Zip Top" and matching wallet

  7. ^^The difference in color on the left hand side of the bag is from the sun. The spot that I used to keep my purse when I got home was in direct sunlight.... Big Oops! I won't make that mistake again.
  8. ^It's still gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your pic!!
  9. That pocket zip top has been sitting in my TJMaxx, in a rouge color, for the last month.....it is SCREAMING my name!! I am trying to be good, but it's going to win me over soon! LOL. Beautiful bags!
  10. this is one of my favorite dooney bags in one of my favorite colors. go for it, go buy it!
  11. i have the zip top in this color and i really like it. i get compliments on it all the time too :smile: