Orca Makes Friends with a Dog

  1. that doggies lucky he didn't end up on the menu!
  2. Wow! SO cute, yet so scary!! I'd be terrified if that were my dog!
  3. WOW I have never seen anything like that! That whale really liked the dog. so cute!
  4. I was waiting for him to jump up and eat the dog!

    Actually... I don't know if anyone clicked any of the links but the story of that orca is rather said... He got separated from his family pod when he was two and lived alone, even though orcas live in their pods... articles about him said that when he wanted to socialize he turned to boats and people... which ultimately was his demise as he was hit by a boat when he was only 6 yrs old and died:sad:

  5. Oh thats sad! I thought it looked a bit small. I am also surprised that he didnt get hurt by the boat!!! Or eat the dog but after watching the end he's just looking at the dog.
    Its a cute video but a sad story